Marc St. Onge

After enduring years of chronic illness at a young age, Marc was inspired to explore the world of natural health products and entrepreneurship.

In 2003, Marc founded Ascenta Health. Ascenta’s proprietary research and technology created a new wave of fish oils that tasted great. In 2015, Marc sold Ascenta Health to a company called Nature’s Way but retained ownership of the skincare formulations, which he turned into Bend Beauty. “The company name Bend Beauty comes from the concept of bending beauty. Our vision is to become a new standard for skincare and beauty, whereby ingestible skincare is as foundational as creams and serums,” says St-Onge.

Currently CEO of Bend Beauty, Aycoutay Technologies and Smallfood Inc, Marc St-Onge is passionate about creating businesses that are a force for good. His mission put simply: create a beautiful life.

Introducing Nutraceuticals into Your Skincare Offering

With further growth and insights into the science of aging, the professional world is now seeing consumers searching for something more, natural alternatives and complimentary skincare products. With the concept of “Beauty from the Inside Out,” Nutraceuticals are changing the face of skincare. By increasing the nutritive content of the internal environment, cells can function more healthfully and efficiently.

In this session, join the Founder and CEO of Bend Beauty, Marc St.Onge, as he introduces you to the concept of inside-out skin care.  You will learn how recommending and adding Bend Beauty products to existing topical skincare will achieve superior results for your clients.

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