Message from ESI’s President

We’ll get through this together… Sure. But meanwhile, what can we do to prepare for a running start, when we get the go-ahead, maybe not exactly to get back to normal, but at least back to work? One thing’s for sure, at ESI, we never stop thinking. We’re thinking about our colleagues and friends in the beauty industry, and the many repercussions of COVID-19 on our businesses. And like in any other situation, we’re convinced that a little positive attitude goes a long way to find ways to ensure that our business can grow and survive this crisis. I want to take this opportunity to invite you to join the ESI Community, our new social media platform exclusively developed for beauty professionals. You’ll be able to take part in discussions with professionals who, like you, have to deal with problems caused by the pandemic. So, how can you find a positive side to the current situation? While you’re waiting to get back to work, why not take this time to look into the various ways you can keep in touch with your clients? Social media is a good option. If you can’t open your doors, you can still offer virtual services such as tips on skincare, or reminders to your followers that you’re still there to provide them with their products, even if they can’t come to you to get them. Now’s the time to make your presence known on social media. If you have an emailing list, you can also use this communication tool to create an e-newsletter, or a series of emails containing tips and tricks to handle various skin conditions. There are ways to remain top of mind with your clients until you can finally welcome them in person — with the proper sanitary measures, of course. Keeping a positive attitude also means thinking about how you can make your premises perfectly safe in preparation for the return of your clients. From rethinking your interior design, to adding personal protection equipment for your staff and disinfecting products for your clients, all this planning will help you get through this tough situation and come out of it as winners, as soon as you open! Bernard Renaud

Federal government guarantees $40,000 emergency business loans

Update! Great News! The Canadian Emergency Business Account will now provide up to $40,000 in government-guaranteed loans to businesses that had payrolls last year between $20,000 and $1.5 million. It previously offered loans to business with a narrower range of payrolls, between $50,000 and $1 million. Log on to your banking institution’s website or contact them today. This $40,000 interest-free loan, guaranteed by the Federal government, is meant to help you cover operation costs you can’t postpone because of COVID-19. If you reimburse $30,000 of the $40,000 loan by December 31, 2022, you won’t have to reimburse the remaining $10,000 (full exemption of 25% of the loan). If you cannot reimburse the loan by December 31, 2022, you will be able to extend the loan to December 31, 2025, with a fixed interest of 5%. This loan is guaranteed to banking institutions by the Federal government.

Financial help for Quebec businesses

Did you know? Last Friday, the Quebec government announced new measures to support businesses impacted by repercussions of COVID-19. The Emergency Assistance Program for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses is meant for SMEs having financial difficulties because of this crisis, and who need working capital of less than $50,000. An initial amount of $150 million is made available to Quebec regional authorities (RCMs) to help businesses in their territories, “so that they are able to maintain, consolidate or revive their activities,” according to a press release. Businesses in all industries, including co-ops, non-profit and social economy businesses engaging in commercial activities may apply. For your information, regional county municipalities (RCMs) are administrative entities ensuring the regional management of local municipalities, which are grouped into supralocal communities each enjoying a power of jurisdiction and regulation devolved by the government of Quebec, in a territory designated under the name county. Contact your municipality about this assistance program to get the specifics about how to apply for it. Has anyone already contacted their municipality? If so, we’d appreciate you sharing your experience to help everyone in our beautiful industry get through these trying times and come out of it even stronger. Not from Quebec… Share with us your province’s financial aide programs so we may share with others!

Toronto & Moncton Spashow 2020 Postponed

Dear Beauty Professional

Your health and safety is our first priority.

As you already know, we have been working with the Metro Toronto Convention Centre and closely monitoring the COVID-19 (Coronavirus) activity in Canada.

As we are one of the larger trade shows at the MTCC and therefore on their priority list, we were able to POSTPONE the ESI Toronto Trade event to AUGUST 23 and 24, 2020.

If you already have a ticket for this year’s Toronto conference, dated April 19-20, it will automatically apply to the new dates. No action required on your part.

If you wish to buy a ticket, the new deadline date to SAVE 33% is now JULY 13, 2020

Until then, please be safe and remember to wash your hands!

UPDATE from the Metro Toronto Convention Centre Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Metro Toronto Convention Centre is working closely with industry partners to monitor developments relating to COVID-19 and taking direction from provincial, Canadian and global health authorities. Ontario officials are actively working with partners in the health care system at the municipal, provincial and federal levels to identify, prevent and control this emerging global health issue. The risk posed by COVID-19 in Ontario remains low. Canada continues to be a safe travel, meetings and events destination. We would like to assure you that the seamless operation of events in our Centre and the health and safety of all our visitors and employees remains our top priority. Increased Preventative Measures Our cleaning services team has increased the disinfection of commonly used surfaces, including escalator handrails and door handles. Extra hand sanitizing stations have also been placed throughout the Centre to encourage everyone to disinfect their hands more frequently. Signs encouraging proper hygiene inside washrooms have been posted. Employees have been reminded to take increased measures to reduce the risk of transmission of the flu and respiratory illness, and to stay at home if they are sick. Travel Health and Safety The Government of Canada has implemented additional screening measures in all airports, including Toronto’s Pearson International Airport, and Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport. The Public Health Agency of Canada is actively monitoring the situation and working with the WHO and other international partners to gather additional information. Please verify travel health recommendations regularly as they may change. For the latest developments, we also encourage you to visit the following websites: Government of Canada Travel Advice and Advisory Government of Canada – FAQ’s Ontario Ministry of Health