Debra Hedden is the co-owner and President of Luxury Therapeutics, a woman owned manufacturer of luxury hot/ cold therapy products as well as upscale spa bedding and decor,  located in Franklin, NC. 

Before becoming involved in the spa industry, Debra spent 20 years as a high end residential interior designer. 

Elevating The Guest Experience for customer loyalty and higher profitability.

Instantly put your guests at ease and learn ways to pamper them in a low touch environment. We will explore ideas through the use of sight, touch and scent with elegant decor, treatments and products.

Learn the value of Incorporating heatable spa products and cozy wraps into your relaxation areas and treatments to help relax your guests to achieve stress relief and feel pampered. 

Set the stage and create a memorable experience the moment your guest walks in the door by learning the importance of surrounding your guest with visually beautiful linens, decor and thoughtful retail. 

By creating beautiful displays and offering an interesting variety of products in your boutique, you can encourage the guest to explore wellness purchases for self care as well as gifting. 

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