Clément Beaumont

Mr. Clément Beaumont is the president and CEO of Dectro International, a corporation specialized in the conception and manufacturing of electrolysis and aesthetic equipment since 1978. As head of Dectro’s research & development department, Mr. Beaumont is eager to improve permanent hair removal treatment and aesthetic care application.

As such, he was intimately involved in the conception of the company’s first computerized epilation system, the ‘APILUS’, which introduced personalized programs adapted to each body areas and stored in a customer file for easy access. Mr. Beaumont is a regular attendee at international conventions to support Dectro’s worldwide distributors and to speak at specialised seminars on electrolysis or aesthetic technologies.

ELECTROEPILATION REVOLUTION – From Humble Beginnings to a Bright Future

In the last few decades, discoveries in hair anatomy put in sharp focus the key elements responsible for hair regeneration. Dectro was involved in an experimental study that investigated stem cell destruction processes around the follicle using 27MHz technology. This study shed much needed light on the way ultrarapid electroepilation treatments affect hairs. The accumulated scientific insight contributed in turn to develop new computerized modalities and patented applications allowing for ever more efficient and comfortable definitive hair removal treatments.

As we discuss the many advances that occurred over the one hundred forty-five-year history of electrolysis, we will provide pointers to what future developments in the field may look like. In this new highly competitive hair removal market, electrologists need to be prepared to keep up with the pace of change, whether by furthering their knowledge and looking into new, innovative tools to enhance the overall quality of their work as well as the comfort of their clientele. This lecture is an invitation to become part of an ongoing revolution. Get acquainted with the possibilities that are offered to you today to become a successful leader in modern permanent hair removal procedures.

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Nathalie Langlois

Initiée à la coiffure et à l’esthétique dès l’âge de 14 ans, Nathalie a également complété son cours de maquillage et d’électrolyse. Propriétaire de son propre salon depuis 30 ans et employée chez Dectro depuis 2011, elle renouvelle sans cesse ses compétences avec des perfectionnements en maquillage et en esthétique. «Mon métier me passionne, j’adore découvrir toutes les nouveautés qui entourent le domaine de l’esthétique et qui visent à rehausser la beauté des femmes.»

Stagecolor, une ligne pour les pros!

Stagecolor, c’est la fusion entre maquillage et soins pour la peau; des produits modernes, faits avec passion, inspirés par la mode et les dernières tendances! À travers cette formation, découvrez tous les bénéfices que les produits Stagecolor peuvent apporter à la peau, et comment ils permettent de mettre en valeur la beauté de chacune. Ce sera également l’occasion de partager avec vous des trucs et conseils d’application pour chaque produit afin de vous permettre de tirer le maximum de cette gamme professionnelle!

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