Marie-Pier Brousseau

Marie-Pier Brousseau’s 12-year career in aesthetics and electrolysis has not been short on accomplishments and accolades, that’s for sure. Proficient in laser, microdermabrasion, thermocoagulation and chemical peels, she is in high demand as an instructor and speaker on electro- and photoepilation. Marie-Pier holds a certificate from the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO) and also a bachelor’s degree in education from the Université du Québec (UQAR) in Rimouski (Quebec).

Passionate about her craft and profession, Mrs. Brousseau has spent 4 years teaching the 1300 hours aesthetics program in Edmonton (Alberta), before joining Dectro International as an international instructor. Her exhaustive knowledge of permanent hair removal and skin care as well as her high-energy presence make her an invaluable asset indeed.

Discover the 27.12 MHz RF Anti-Age Technology

You want to introduce a new specialized care in your beauty clinic? Why not 27.12 MHz RF anti-aging treatments! Thanks to this ultrafast radiofrequency, AXIS treatments effectively stimulate the cells that produce collagen and elastin to restore vigor and firmness to the skin. After just a few treatments, the skin is brighter, its texture is improved, wrinkles are reduced and areas devoid of tone are firmer.

The device’s intelligent programs, its pulsed electromagnetic waves as well as the temperature sensor integrated into the handpieces provide customers with visible results, without compromising comfort and safety. You want to know more? Watch this exclusive online workshop to learn all that Canadian made technology can do for you. (Note: Axis is not available in US for the moment)

What is 27.12 MHz Thermocoagulation?

Thermocoagulation is a specialized treatment using a probe through which a high-frequency current flows to eliminate certain superficial vascular, raised and pigmentation cutaneous imperfections such as telangiectasia, spider veins, cherry angiomas and molluscum pendulum. This specialization is perfect for electrologists and aestheticians who wish to expand their business by providing an additional service to their clientele.

The treatment is performed with the Hi-Tech Eclipsia+ 27.12 MHz device, registered at Health Canada. In addition to the ultrarapid radio frequency, offering greater comfort and faster results, many modalities and preset programs are available on this Canadian made device to ensure a safe and professional application. You can even add electroepilation programs into it, which makes it super versatile! (Note: Eclipsia+ is not available in US for the moment)

Why choose Apilux 3G Photoepilation and Photorejuvenation Technology?

More complete and powerful than any other intense pulsed light (IPL) system on the market, the Apilux 3G promises quick results and unrivalled treatment comfort. The Apilux 3G technology is based on a high-performance optical technology called Alternating Pulsed Light or APL which enables the device to be used safely and efficiently on any type of clientele.

Finally, its wide variety of treatments (hair removal, rejuvenation, vascular, pigmentary, acne) and its hyper efficient cooling system make it an indisputable choice! You want to know more? Watch this exclusive online workshop to learn all that Canadian made technology can do for you.

Action de Gala Skin Care: A Smart Solution for All Skin Types

Come and discover the great versatility of this Canadian range of products inspired by nature. During this online training, you will learn how to meet the specific needs of each client in a completely original way.

You will come out with a head full of new ideas that will allow you to offer new and affordable solutions to your customers, and increase the profitability of your business.

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Marie-Pier Brousseau

En plus d’être une esthéticienne et électrolyste certifiée, Mme Brousseau a complété plusieurs formations spécifiques, notamment en Laser/IPL, peeling chimique, microdermabrasion, thermocoagulation et pose d’ongles. Déménagée en Alberta pour y poursuivre une opportunité professionnelle, Marie-Pier enseignait le programme d’esthétique CIDESCO dans une école privée. Elle a d’ailleurs passé la certification internationale CIDESCO en plus de parfaire son anglais dans un contexte d’immersion. De retour au Québec en 2016, Marie-Pier s’est jointe à l’équipe de Dectro en tant que formatrice à l’international. « L’esthétique fait en quelque sorte partie de moi. Le contact avec les gens, l’innovation des produits cosmétiques, le développement des nouvelles technologies de même que l’importance de la science sont tous des éléments qui me captivent dans ma carrière!»

Les soins anti-âge AXIS, à base de radiofréquence 27.12 MHz

Vous voulez introduire un nouveau soin spécialisé dans votre salon. Très bien! Pourquoi pas des traitements anti-âge à 27.12 MHz? Grâce à cette radiofréquence ultra-rapide, les soins AXIS stimulent efficacement les cellules qui produisent le collagène et l’élastine pour redonner à la peau vigueur et fermeté. Vous voulez en savoir plus? Visionner cet atelier en ligne exclusif pour vous apprendre tout ce que la nouvelle technologie AXIS peut faire pour vous.

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