Doron Heichal

Doron Heichal is a biomedical engineer whose main focus is the interaction between medical technologies and skin tissue. He is committed to promoting scientifically based knowledge in the esthetic industry, and providing esthetic professionals with the clinical education necessary to complete the practical know-how.

Before his relocation to Vancouver three years ago, he worked for Pollogen – a company of Lumenis, as an Application Engineer, where he gained valuable expertise in clinical education and technology research and development.

OxyGeneo™ 3-in-1 super facial and the new OxyPod™ treatments

In this seminar, we will explore the latest innovations in OxyGeneo™ treatments with a focus on the new OxyPod™ technology, including:

  • OxyPod™ Balance with Activated Bamboo Charcoal for Skin Detoxification
  • OxyPod™ Revive with Red Algae for enhanced Skin Rejuvenation
  • OxyPod™ Illuminate with Kojic Acid & Vitamin C for improved Skin Brightening

In addition, we will discuss how skincare professionals can use the OxyGeneo™ to treat common body concerns such as bacne, body pigmentation, and cellulite.  

OxyGeneo™ HYDRATE – The New Blue Spirulina Facial is Here!

We are excited to introduce the latest member of the OxyPod family – the OxyGeneo™ HYDRATE with Blue Spirulina, for dry and irritated skin. Join our seminar to learn more about this unique OxyPod and how it works to effectively repair two of the most common skin problems – dry and dehydrated skin. In this seminar we will also explore the root-causes of dry and dehydrated skin and discuss the role of the blue spirulina and the rest of the curative ingredients that are used in the HYDRATE treatment.

Dermaroller® Microneedling for Professionals

Microneedling with Dermaroller® is perhaps the most cost-effective modality today in combating scars and the signs of aging. Join us to learn more about the science behind microneedling and collagen induction therapy, including:

  • Safe vs. unsafe microneedling
  • Important parameters for successful microneedling treatments
  • New Hair Growth & Pigment Correction protocols

Founded in 1999, Dermaroller® Germany is the original inventor of microneedling in the aesthetic industry. Dermaroller® products are certified medical grade and are licensed by Health Canada. Today, Dermaroller® treatments are considered to be the gold-standard in microneedling.

TriLipo™ Body Contouring and Cellulite Reduction

In this seminar, we will delve into the TriLipo™ technology and see how it works to contour and shape the body, including the sought-after non-invasive butt lift. We will also focus on fat and cellulite physiology in order to understand how the TriLipo™ treatment interacts with different tissues to safely and effectively reduce stubborn fat deposits, improve the appearance of cellulite, and tighten sagging skin.

Divine™ Pyramid Facelift

Divine™ Pyramid Facelift is a leading non-surgical platform that is based on a holistic muscle-to-surface facelift approach. In this seminar, we will explore the different technologies that are incorporated with the Divine™ system, including:

  • VoluDerm™ RF microneedling
  • TriFractional™ RF Skin Resurfacing
  • TriPollar® 3rd generation non-invasive RF
  • DMA (Dynamic Muscle Activation)

Join us to learn more about the variety of Divine treatments, clinical benefits, and the signature Pyramid Facelift protocol.

Divine™ New RF Needling Tips – gen36L & gen100

We are happy to announce the arrival of two new RF needling tips – the gen36L and gen100.

  • Gen36L – with 36 RF needles of 1mm length
  • Gen100 – with 100(!) RF needles of 0.6mm length

Powered by the Divine™ Pyramid Facelift system, the new tips offer even more versatility and treatment indications than before. Join our seminar to learn more about these exciting new tips, as we discuss the innovative 3rd generation RF needling technology behind the tips, clinical benefits, treatments, results, and more.   

ReadyMedical: Ready-to-Mix Sterile Healing Solutions

Introducing ReadyMedical, the first professional line of ready-to-mix sterile products which are specifically formulated to enhance the results of ALL medical-aesthetic procedures and promote effective skin healing. ReadyMedical offers four targeted solutions that are specially designed to perfect your aesthetic treatments and boost results:

  • Anti-Aging Solution: Sterile Hyaluronic Acid + Growth Factors
  • Skin Healing Solution: Sterile Hyaluronic Acid + Perfluorodecalin + Physalis Angulata
  • Antioxidant Solution: Sterile Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C
  • Acne Solution: Sterile Hyaluronic Acid + Vitamin C

Join us to learn more about the technology behind ReadyMedical and how you can use it to perfect any service that your clinic offers.

Xcellaris Pro Skincare by Dermaroller®

As we age, our skin changes and becomes more demanding.
An effective skincare must meet those demands, for healthy and graceful skin at every age.

In this seminar, we will introduce the Xcellaris Pro – a new professional-grade skincare line by Dermaroller® Germany, based the latest innovations in Bioactive Peptide Therapy and specifically designed to address the complex needs of mature skin. Join us to learn more about the synergetic effect of Matrixyl™ 3000 & Copper Tripeptide; a powerful bioactive peptide complex that is found in all Xcellaris products, see the full line of day & night creams and serums, and learn how you can integrate them into your clinic services.

OBSERV® 520x – Comprehensive Skin Analysis

OBSERV® 520x is a one-of-a-kind skin analysis system that exposes the skin like never before, including hidden irregularities that lurk under the skin’s surface. Join us for a unique journey under the skin, and learn how you can easily identify pigmentations, vascular disorders and textural defects with unparalleled quality. In addition, we will discuss how the OBSERV® 520x can help you boost your client consultations, create skin awareness and enhanced client engagement, and increase the sales of treatments and products.

The Alpha System: 808nm Diode Laser + 3D IPL (Coming Soon)

We are proud to introduce the Alpha system by FormaTK – the first and only platform equipped with both 808nm laser hair removal and 3D IPL technologies. Laser hair removal and IPL photo-therapy are two of the most common modalities in the modern skincare clinic. Up until today, skincare professionals had to invest in two separate devices to enjoy their benefits. Those days are now over! The Alpha offers a synergetic combination of these two in-demand technologies to allow professionals to enjoy the most comprehensive photo-therapy solution, without having to take out a second mortgage! The Alpha system is made in Israel, designed and developed by leading industry veterans dedicated to developing premium-quality technologies at an affordable price. Join this lecture to learn more about this one-of-a-kind system that will soon be available in Canada!    

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