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Cristina Ramirez

Cristina Ramirez is a pioneer of the Canadian esthetics industry, with over 30 years’ experience in the field. She is a CIDESCO diplomat and leading European-trained esthetician who established one of the first esthetics schools in Canada, Gina’s College of Advanced Aesthetics, where she is the director.

Cristina is also president of Intercosmetics, the leading spa industry supplier, where she is at the forefront of the latest developments in the beauty industry. Her expertise and business knowledge in all sectors of the beauty industry make her a sought-after speaker.

Unlock Your DNA with SKIN CODE Epigenetic Skin Care

Epigenetics has real potential to change your role as a beauty professional. Ultra personalized beauty treatments based on individuals epigenetics will be the future in skin care. Skin appearance is linked to our genes; the epigenetics  phenomena causes skin problems such as  oxidation, wrinkles, loss of tone,  premature skin ageing, dullness, uneven complexion, enlarged pores, blemishes, dark spots, dehydration and more. At this seminar you will find out how to enhance your role as a professional skin care expert with a new approach to skin analysis.  Learn how to guide your clients through the discovery of their own epigenetic skin code to create their specific, ultra-personalized professional treatments and home care routine for each skin concern, in every zone of the face.

  • Learn how Epigenetic Skin Care offers your client ultra-personalized results using dermocosmetic active ingredients!
  • Discover why this line makes retailing easy
  • Learn tips for keeping your business running during this time of social distancing

Safe Chemical Peels with Resurface

The Resurface Treatments are designed to provide immediate visible results with no unpleasant side effects or inflammation. Due to improved cells turnover a new layer of skin is formed resulting in a smoother, brighter complexion with reduced pores, fine lines & dark spots. Resurface treatment offers 3 intensive treatments to specifically address different skin conditions. Made in Italy professional cosmetics from Diego Dalla Palma.

Acne and Oily Skin Treatments with Probiotics

This incredible acne treatment stimulates cellular bio-revitalization, rebalancing the skin’s ecosystem. It rebalances sebum production, destroys harmful bacteria, and reduces dilated pores for a fresh and pure complexion without drying out the skin. With protocols for both young skins, as well as mature oily skin, this treatment allows you to offer antiaging benefits while combatting adult acne.

  • Learn why probiotics are the best way to treat acne
  • Discover how this facial will combat acne while also offering anti aging benefits together in one facial
  • Learn retailing tips to keep your clients coming back!

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