The first edition of the ESI VIRTUAL SHOW was great, this second one will be even better…

Here is what we have in store for you!

This year there will be 2 SEPARATE EXHIBITION FLOORS: ONE Canadian, ONE American.

The booth prices will remain the same as last year 

There will be no additional charge for any exhibitors who choose to exhibit on both floors. An ESI gift for MAY 2021 show to support our beautiful industry.

Your presence on both floors can be managed separately with two different crews, or we can arrange for you to control your 2 booths with one crew knowing which floor the attendees are coming from.

The booths will remain open for an extra 30 days after the 4 LIVE show days.

You will receive comprehensive information (company, full name, address, phone number and email) after the 4 live show days for each person attending your booths, as well as after the additional 30 days.  

In 2021, exhibitors will be able to offer live demonstrations. These will be prescheduled so attendees can find out when they will take place.

Live demonstrations and Q&A will be advertised on our website and in the digital show program.

It’s important for the exhibitors to preschedule those events so the attendees can participate simply by accessing the platform and going directly to your live demonstration.

In 2021, companies will be allowed to present an unlimited number of lectures no matter which package you choose.

Lectures will be available during the 4 live days show and an extra 30 days after the show to view them all.

All the attendees no matter where they’re from will have access to all lectures; Americans, Canadians, Featured Speakers and Exhibitors’ classes.

You will receive complete information,(company, full name, address, phone number and email) after the show for each person attending your lectures.

A “Show Specials” button is highly recommended in every booth. A click on this button will redirect attendees to a special page on your website. Where they’ll be able to buy products, without opening an account, like at a regular show.

We need to recreate the real show contact, as much as possible. Therefore, a “Place your order” button will be standard in every booth in 2021. By clicking this button, attendees will be able to talk to someone and place orders, just like at a regular show.

Talking to clients and taking orders is all to your advantage as it may help increase your sales.

Video production tutorials

Learn how to create great videos for your next ESI Virtual trade show. You will be redirected to Vimeo’s website for these tutorials.

Exhibitors Comments

I spoke to all exhibitors immediately after the show to see what can be done to improve our next show in 2021.

They all gave us different points to improve, which we appreciate as this will help us develop our offer and grow a lot faster.

95% of exhibitors told us we surpassed their expectations in terms of sales and number of attendees.

Some clients who participated in other virtual shows in our industry told us that attendance was much higher and generated more sales.

We’ve put tremendous effort and money to make this happen!

Some clients actually did better than they usually do in real shows.

One of them takes part in 15 shows per year in the U.S., plus one show in Europe, and confirmed our virtual show was the best show they’ve done in the past four years.

You will receive comprehensive information (company, full name, address, phone number and email) after the four live show days for each person attending your booths, as well as after the additional 30 days.

2021 Advertising 

We are investing over $150,000 in advertising on Facebook and Instagram.

Our advertising on Facebook and Instagram will be shared with you to let your clients know you’ll be at the show.

You will receive a copy of all our email campaigns to send to your clients.

2021 Attendees

We invite professionals in all fields of the beauty industry (esthetics, spa and medical esthetic).

Credit (Continuing Education) for esthetic practitioners will be available.

Looking forward to welcoming you at our next virtual show,

May 1 to 4, 2021!

Bernard Renaud
ESI’s Promoter