Sabrina Goulet

My journey in this industry started by completing the Esthetics and Spa Management Diploma program at Loyalist College, graduating on the Dean’s Honour list in 2010. I continued on to Medical Esthetics in 2011 and since have had the chance of working in many sectors of our industry – from retail, to medical to education.

With more than 10 years of experience I am a huge skin enthusiast.

I am now honoured to be part of the NAOS team as the Regional educator for the English territories; meeting so many inspiring and passionate individuals along the way!

Esthederm Introduction

Discover Esthederm – Our founder Jean-Noël Thorel took the steps into patents and technologies that would sustain the effectiveness of each face care, body care and sun care range, laying the foundations for the Esthederm philosophy: Ecobiology at the service of aesthetics – to support beauty over time.

With over 40 years of innovation, Esthederm is a key player in the creation of the Human Care sector (Health, Beauty,Well-being). Estherderm, 100% French manufacturing guarantees the mastery of know-how and quality. In this presentation you will discover the Esthederm history and philosophy, our beauty program, our brand DNA: technologies and patents, our professional approach to the skin and 360° solutions.

Skin Preparation: Osmoclean & Universal products  

A pioneer of research into skin flora and its ecosystem, microbiome, he developed a professional cleansing method, Osmoclean, which has been endorsed by many beauty therapists. In this presentation you will discover the Esthederm skin preparation, our Osmoclean range, technologies, skin types and our two signature universal products: Cellular Water Mist –The Esthederm Cellular Water Mist quickly became an iconic product of the brand with its fundamental gestures increasing the effectiveness of skincare thanks to its unique water inspired by the skin’s natural water and defined to optimize the energy and vitality of the skin.

City Spray – Our protective shield thanks to the first patented technology to improve the natural resistance of the skin to urban and environmental aggressions.

Intensive Collection

A comprehensive collection of the most important and proven effective molecules used in dermo cosmetology, selected and perfectly dosed through Esthederm’s research. The Intensive Collection meets the needs of all skin conditions at all times, to support the most demanding clients over the long term as an intensive 2-month cure or alternating with aesthetic procedures.

Fast and long-lasting results on the main skin imbalances and signs of aging: AHA, HYALURONIC, PROPOLIS+, RETINOL, SPIRULINE, VITAMIN E and VITAMIN C. In this presentation you will discover the Collection of Esthederm’s 7 Intensive Molecules, Technologies, products and adapted routines to target specific skin needs throughout the year.

Age Prevention 

The Institut Esthederm Ecobiological approach is to help stimulate the skin’s own capacity for protection to maintain balance and prevent the occurrence of dysfunctions. The Age Prevention lines offer 4 ranges of ground-breaking skin care products to maintain and preserve a perfect synergy and balance of all elements found in the ecosystem of our skin in order to have a healthy skin: Cellular water range was created to treat skin dehydration and reinforce of skin’s natural hydration mechanisms

Sensi system was created to address the imbalances of our defense system and skin sensitivity

Pure system is a range of purifying products that will help regulate sebum production and prevent imperfections

Nutri system provides a balanced diet for the skin and meets all the problems of malnutrition by supplying it with vital nutrients

You will discover the Esthederm Age Prevention range:  the skin, technologies, products and routines.

Age Correction   

Esthederm has become a brand that helps all skins to continuously fight the signs and symptoms of skin aging. Thanks to our advanced expertise in cellular resources, we have developed a unique approach to youth that protects the health and beauty of the skin. In a bid to provide the most innovative cosmetic solutions for the treatment of skin aging, Institut Esthederm has focused its research on major areas such as hydration, dermal stimulation, environmental protection and hyperpigmentation.

In this presentation you will discover the Esthederm Age Correction range:  the skin and age correction, technologies, our solutions to target any signs of aging and the adapted routines. 


Since 1978, Esthederm’s success is based on an advanced understanding of how the skin and the sun interact and on our innovative approach – leveraging the sun and giving it a positive role in suncare. Therefore, our products have the capability of making the skin adapt to the sun while ensuring the highest level of safety, thanks to the years of research and continued improvements made to our patents and technologies. – this is the ESTHEDERM difference

In this presentation you will discover: our suncare history and philosophy, our skin’s natural defense mechanisms during exposure, the technologies and our solutions for all skin types regardless of how they react in the sun.


Inspired by professional esthetics, Institut Esthederm’s body care treatments act effectively on the harmony of the silhouette and prolong the beauty of your body’s skin. Their highly technical formulas perfectly embody the Institut Esthederm philosophy: well-being and performance, in the service of absolute respect for the integrity of your body’s skin.

The energetic properties of Cellular Water, common to all our formulas, transform our body care products into delicious moments of rejuvenation and well-being. Delicate, fresh, creamy or velvety, their pleasant “second skin” textures help to preserve or restore a beautiful, firm and toned skin for ultimate comfort.

In this presentation you will discover ours Esthederm solutions for the body that responds to all of your beauty concerns, offering you everyday solutions to meet all of your needs and desires: Hydrating, Firming and Slimming.

Professional Treatments

Skin is our profession – Our long experience in professional aesthetics means that you can rest assured we will look after your skin.

Our professional approach is truly unique approach to aesthetics that is driven by professional expertise – Science at the palm of your hands- and advanced diagnostics which take into account the environment and natural rhythms of the skin. We offer a good variety of treatments with exclusive techniques to address any concerns with the goal of preserving the youthfulness and health of the skin to ensure natural and lasting results. Our long-term vision of beauty involves professional expertise and individual support: exclusive professional techniques, care and clinical diagnosis, and home services for personalized treatments.

In this presentation you will discover the Esthederm Professional approach and its treatments.  

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