Financial help for Quebec businesses

Did you know?

Last Friday, the Quebec government announced new measures to support businesses impacted by repercussions of COVID-19.

The Emergency Assistance Program for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses is meant for SMEs having financial difficulties because of this crisis, and who need working capital of less than $50,000.

An initial amount of $150 million is made available to Quebec regional authorities (RCMs) to help businesses in their territories, “so that they are able to maintain, consolidate or revive their activities,” according to a press release. Businesses in all industries, including co-ops, non-profit and social economy businesses engaging in commercial activities may apply.

For your information, regional county municipalities (RCMs) are administrative entities ensuring the regional management of local municipalities, which are grouped into supralocal communities each enjoying a power of jurisdiction and regulation devolved by the government of Quebec, in a territory designated under the name county.

Contact your municipality about this assistance program to get the specifics about how to apply for it.

Has anyone already contacted their municipality? If so, we’d appreciate you sharing your experience to help everyone in our beautiful industry get through these trying times and come out of it even stronger.

Not from Quebec… Share with us your province’s financial aide programs so we may share with others!

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