Flawless Skin With New Generation of Medical Peels

In recent years the tendency to looking perfect has become more and more popular. Thanks to social media and technology, there is a growing pursuit of artificial beauty. Who has never used a filter to edit a photo before? But this is not a real solution. It is just an illusion.

So how do we make this desire come true? Every woman of any age has different skin imperfections: Wrinkles, spots, discoloration, acne scars, uneven complexion…

But first, let’s analyse what flawless skin is.

A flawless skin is:

  • Fine-textured (with no large pores or imperfections)
  • Characterized by a radiant and even complexion
  • Wrinkles are minimized
  • No scars and spots
  • Clear smooth skin
  • Dewy, healthy-looking skin

In response to the desire for flawless skin, Diego Dalla Palma Professional (*) created “Resurface” treatments. These treatments are developed using the most innovative cosmeceutical clinically proven active ingredients to create professional chemical peels with no downtime.

Now you can offer the best possible results in a very short time, while other peels may cause unwanted side effects with little or no visible changes to the skin. Resurface delivers immediate and long-lasting results with no negative side effects.

Scientifically proven results with independent studies at the University Dermatology departments in Naples, Italy.

The action of controlled chemical skin resurfacing is totally different from conventional peels.

Peelings mainly cause skin exfoliation, whereas controlled resurfacing actively provokes an accelerated form of cell regeneration in the different layers of the skin, while trauma and superficial irritation are reduced.


Different protocols can be combined in a prescription program, and the strength and depth of the products are controlled by the skin specialist based on the application technique and the number of layers applied during the skin resurfacing procedure. Our Resurface treatments also include the use of specific intensive serums like Azelaic Acid for Acne, Epidermal Growth Factors for Aged skin, and Microencapsulated Retinol for all skins to achieve maximum results in the shortest possible time.


A personalized, maximum strength formulation prescription is integrated and used at home in preparation or during the completion of the resurfacing procedure. The pre and post-resurfacing support products are all enriched with Revivyl to achieve the best possible results and maintenance of the skin during the resurfacing treatments program.


Resurface is taking skin resurfacing to the next level by introducing an “outside in” and “inside out” philosophy. Advanced dermatological skin resurfacing procedures working from the outside in, combined with powerful skin nutrition working from the inside out, provide the skin with the full benefits, assisting in rapid skin restoration.


The unique combination of actives in the Resurface Anti Blemish Serum and Anti Blemish Peels is specifically formulated to correct the main acne manifestations such as comedones, papules, and pustules. It is designed to act on the 4 factors that trigger acne:

3.Microbial colonization (P. acnes)


Active and effective skin resurfacing solutions for the treatment of typical signs of aging like photo-aging, pigment changes, dull sallow appearance, superficial, and medium expression lines.

The Resurface Anti-Age Peel and Serums are specifically formulated as advanced anti-aging skin resurfacing treatments to help correct typical signs of aging.


For best results and to reduce the risk of complications, it is recommended that clients should use a prescribed Diego Dalla Palma cleansing product and exfoliation suited to their skin and the Preparatory Exfoliating Lotion 1 to 2 weeks prior to the 1st in-clinic treatment.


Clients should use the prescribed Diego Dalla Palma Treatment Serums to enhance and maintain overall results. The use of a sunscreen SPF 50+ is essential to protect the skin from UVA & UVB rays. It is recommended that sun exposure must be avoided, especially in the 7 days prior to the treatment and while undergoing treatments.

(*) Diego Dalla Palma Resurface is only available at exclusive professional beauty centers.



Medical Aesthetician | Cidesco Beauty Therapist
Educational Director For Diego Dalla Palma Professional Skin Care



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