Get a free treatment during our conferences

(Please note that only certified beauty professionals are eligible for free on-site treatments.)

A line of skincare seems interesting?

A new product seems amazing?

You’re thinking about a new device, but which one should you choose?

Wouldn’t it be great if you could see and experience it before investing hundreds or thousands of dollars? Now you can. Simply make an appointment and try it out by getting a free treatment, on site!

Plus, if you choose a facial treatment, ESI offers you a FREE makeup session. Your exhibitor will direct you to the nearest makeup station to get your beauty redone.

Let ESI pamper you until the end!

ESI Reservations

Click here to view the list of all exhibitors offering treatments. Click on the ones you like to see details on what’s offered, and check out the time slots that are available.

Choose the ones you want and send your request by following on-screen instructions.

A representative of the company offering the treatment in question will contact you directly to further assess your needs in order optimize your experience, and to confirm your appointment during the Vancouver, 2020 Event.

You are allowed a maximum of two appointments per day.

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