Dr. Neal Kitchen

Dr. Neal Kitchen serves as Chief Operating Officer and Chief Geneticist for HydroPeptide, LLC.  He earned his doctorate at the University of Illinois and has a research background in epigenetic regulation, cellular signaling responses, and aging mechanisms at the molecular level.

He leads the company’s efforts to accelerate the development of clinically-proven anti-aging skin-care products and the advancement of epigenetic technologies in skin-care formulations.

The Power of Epigenetics in Anti-Aging Skincare

For those in pursuit of beautiful skin, we believe in starting at the cellular level. The team of geneticists and estheticians at Hydropeptide understand that everyday life has a deep impact on the health of the skin. Hydropeptide’s multifaceted approach to skincare is based on the science of epigenetics; how genes express themselves.

In this session, Dr. Neal Kitchen will lead you through the core principles of epigenetics found in every Hydropeptide product. This clinically formulated treatment line, designed to make a big impact, features a large pool of peptides and other clinically clean ingredients wrapped up in luxurious sensorial experiences.

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