Julie Cass is a transformational life, health and business coach and founder of The Positive Change Group.

Julie has coached hundreds of business owners, leaders and individuals over the years to help them tap into their full potential and create success. 

As a previous resort and spa owner, Julie has over 20 years experience working in the health and wellness industry with firsthand experience of leading a motivated team and achieving year after year growth.

As CEO of The Positive Change Group, a wife and mom, Julie’s passion is to help busy people thrive in all facets of life, and to understand the key to happiness is investing in the relationship they have with themselves.

Why Wellness Professionals Need to Be Well Themselves

You got into this business because you were passionate about self-care, beauty and wellness and yet you find it stressful with no time to take care of yourself. Sound familiar? 

You are not alone. Most wellness professionals find that when it comes to their own wellness, they have struggled to make it a priority. However, in these changed times it has become essential that we prioritize our own wellness and protect our mental health.

In this impactful session, Julie will go over simple strategies on how to make wellness a priority. Learn practical tools to combat stress and easy self-care habit tricks that you can implement for life. 

Love yourself now more than ever. This session can be your first step towards positive change.

5 Ways to Achieve Success and Happiness!

Success and happiness. Can we have both? Do we need to sacrifice one for the other? Absolutely not! In this intense and energetic session, learn five must do’s to achieve success and happiness and feel empowered to conquer your life.

Finding Your Personal Equilibrium

Work/life balance is what millions of people like yourself are trying to achieve every day. In today’s hectic paced life, this can be one of our biggest challenges. Not finding your equilibrium can mean decreased productivity, and can impact your physical and emotional health, as well as affect your relationships at work and at home. In this impactful session, learn how mindset can change everything to living the life of your dreams. We will give tips and tools on how to effectively create the time and space in your life to attack stress, increase productivity and give you the equilibrium you’re looking for.

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