Jay Yano

Master Stylist, Educator and Founder of JYano Hair Care. As a salon owner, mentor and award-winning stylist based in Vancouver, Jay has collaborated with industry leaders and independent salons, providing advanced styling techniques and salon marketing expertise.

Big & Bouncy – Styling Techniques for Fine, Lifeless Hair

Award winning master stylist, Jay Yano has been in the professional Hair Care Industry for more than 30 years. As a former Salon Owner, Instructor and Stylist he understands what you need to do to answer one of the most frequently asked questions “How can I get more volume and body from fine hair?”

Jay will show you how to make styling fun again with lasting body and shine.

Tame the Mane – Styling Techniques for Fly Away Hair

For many years it was necessary to use harsh or toxic ingredients to achieve professional performance standards on curly, voluminous hair. To achieve great manageability, you had to make compromises often, at the expense of hair quality or ingredient choices.

Award winning master stylist, Jay Yano will show you how to transform hard to tame hair with great technique, a little patience and natural styling aids.

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