DermaSpark – Live Demo

Divine Pyramid Facelift with new RF needling and resurfacing tips

Divine Pyramid Facelift is the benchmark of non-surgical facelifts, with four unique technologies that treat four different layers of skin from the bottom-up: Dynamic Muscle Activation (DMA), TriPollar® RF for deep tissue stimulation, VoluDerm® RF Micro-Needles, and TriFractional RF Skin Resurfacing. The Divine Pyramid Facelift is now even better and more versatile with the arrival of two new VoluDerm tips: Gen36L & Gen100.

We invite you to witness the face-lifting performance of the Divine in real-time and explore the latest VoluDerm® tip innovations. As a bonus, we will also present ReadyMedical topical healing solutions, with a skin boosting formulation of Hyaluronic acid + Growth Factors, for faster healing and better end-results.