Diego dalla Palma Pro – Live Demo

<strong>Resurface Peels by Diego dalla Palma Pro </strong>

Discover the new & safe way to offer chemical peels in combination with dermo cosmetic ingredients such as Retinol, Azelaic Acid and Epidermal Growth factor.

Resurface Treatments are a new calibrated and precise regeneration treatment that achieves certified, visible results with no unpleasant side effects or inflammation.

The controlled chemical action of the Resurface peels is quite different from the traditional ones. The Resurface peels and associated products used in the treatment work to regenerate and nourish the skin from the inside out & outside in throughout all the layers of the epidermis.

The result is a smoother, brighter complexion with reduced pores, fine lines & dark spots.

Resurface treatment offers 3 intensive treatments Refine for those with uneven texture, large pores and post acne scars, Pro Age for aged skin, wrinkles, age spots & Fresh Up for all skins to brighten the complexion.