Diego dalla Palma Pro – Live Demo

Epigenetic Skin Care with SKIN MAP by Diego dalla Palma Pro 

Each person is unique and constantly evolving. For this reason, we are increasingly looking for something ‘personalized’, which responds to our own exclusive needs. Scientific innovation in step with the times allows us to offer this with Skin Map Epigenetic skin care solutions.

Epigenetics is the science that studies how the external environment influences the expression of our DNA and with it the appearance of our skin, or its variation in certain areas of the face.

Skin Map allows you the professional to  offer your clients tailor-made cosmetics, with specific actions to meet the particular needs of each skin and each individual facial area.

 Learn how to map areas of the face and offer facials with follow up home care to resolve correct and repair all skin conditions present providing an intensive action to treat: skin ageing; wrinkles, dark spots, redness, blemishes and more for a more balanced, healthy and younger looking the natural way.