L’Institut MW PRO – Live Demo

Q&A about lashes and brows

7 professional cocktail masks for all skin needs and all skin types.

Gin Tonic Mask pure+, Margarita Mask Mavo+, Tequila Mask Lumin+, Bota at the Bar Hydra+, Punch Mask Detox+, Cosmo Mask Douceur+ and Manhattan H2O+ are more than just fun names for our masks: they’re cruelty free, natural ingredients, harsh chemical free, made in Canada and suitable for everyone,  add it into facial when you want, as much as you want, your client’s skin will be irrigated with radiance and pleasure: whether you have to treat dry-sensitive skin, suffer from clogged pores or just want to give your client’s skin a glow.

L’Institut MW PRO has a solution for every skin type. Come see our live demo to learn more about our masks and how to use each one of them. Cheers to your skin.