Skin Deep Formulations – Live Demo

Technology & Dermaplaning – Elevate Your Treatments Cost Effectively

Clients fall in love with their dermaplaning results. Not only does the removal of the vellus hair leave skin smooth & radiant, but also makes the skin dramatically responsive to products & treatments like never before. As your clients faithfully return for their favourite dermaplaning treatments take your facials to a whole new level introducing innovative technology that will target anti-aging, pigmentation, sensitivity & more with portable, convenient, cost-effective handheld devices. Adding radio-frequency, LED, ultrasonic & other modalities immediately following dermaplaning is a powerful way to increase the value of the time for technician, business owner & the client.

Chief Formulator and Founder Tamara Hughes will walk you through elevating your dermaplaning by incorporating innovations from Saian Natural Clinical Skincare’s professional devices like the Firmage RF, Ultrasonic Skin Scrubber and the Gem Pro.