Monte Zwang is a business planner, financial coach, and consultant for businesses in the health, wellness, fitness, spa, and medical industries. He launched Wellness Capital Management in 2005.

Wellness Capital Management has provided financial guidance and tools that enable business owners to improve profitability while maintaining focus on providing exceptional customer service and business values. Zwang builds budgets and strategies, and provides bookkeeping for spas, medical spas, salons, physicians, and wellness center owners. He has taught financial management and real estate workshops at regional banks and industry conferences around the world.

Actively involved in the Spa Industry Association,  Monte is a graduate of the University of Denver. He is a licensed real estate broker and has been named a “Five Star Best in Client Satisfaction Wealth Manager” by Seattle Magazine.

Managing Profit in Uncertain Times

If we don’t know what is going to happen, how can we manage our business? We find ourselves in very strange times. These times are truly the most bizarre that we have ever operated our business. Hopefully, we are beyond the business yo-yo of closing, opening, and closing again. What if our business does not bounce back? Unique times require unique action. These times require that we manage our profit voraciously. Do you have a plan in place that will allow you to do that?

Without a plan, you have chaos which is something and we cannot afford in today’s volatile market. Let’s address the components of a profit plan and how to use them. We will discuss strategies and targets that you can use for to plan your sales, costs, purchases, overhead and debt. You will learn concrete steps that you will take (or not take) to mange your profit during these uncertain times.

The Best Planning Tool for Business Growth Ever…

Do you know where your business is going?  Are you going there by intuition or by plan? Remember your Business Plan? Let’s look at some tangible ways to regain your objectivity, direction, and passion.

Utilizing the best ever planning tool, we will learn how to re-define our business mission and vision. We’ll discuss how to regain clarity, focus and passion. Utilizing “good” numbers, we will map out a financial and profit plan. Defining the required steps to re-invent and take action will help to move our business forward.

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