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Simon St-Hilaire, ESI’s “darling” star speakers for over 20 years, will inform and entertain you each morning at 9:00 am in room 524-A from his French lectures: “Bichonnez vos clients” on Sunday and “Conseillez… persuadez… vendez!” on Monday.

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Elgha Centeno, founder of ProFusion Coaching by Elgha Centeno and specialized coach in esthetics and medical esthetics, brings more than 15 years of experience in the field. Having been an esthetician, light-based technology technician, massage therapist, body treatment technician in her own business, she understands the reality of entrepreneurs in the industry. Furthermore, she worked as a business consultant and clinical trainer for international corporations like Dermalogica and Alma Lasers, which allowed her to gain experience in industry-specific marketing, financial and business strategies. 

Passionate about helping her peers increase their profitability and recognition as true professionals, and to help elevate the standards in the industry, she has developed her own ongoing training model. The training revolves around an entrepreneurial mindset, business topics and technologies in the esthetics field, to name a few. On top of coaching, she offers consultation, seminars and specialized content writing services. She collaborates with Spa Canada magazine as the technology expert. Elgha has also co-founded the Facebook group “Les Pros de la Peau & Co.” that shares business tips, educational posts and networking opportunities for serious professionals of the industry in Quebec. 


Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation dissected

40 Day Video Access

In this conference, we will first talk about the mechanism of inflammation leading to hyperpigmentation and then, what are the ways to limit the risks of post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation and of course, the ways to reduce the appearance manifestations of this condition.

Tranexamic acid; a hero ingredient in brightening solutions

40 Day Video Access

Known in the medical and dental fields, this ingredient has proven itself topically as well for years.

However, it is a relatively unknown ingredient in Quebec, which is why this conference aims to explain the origin, the action of tranexamic acid on the cells of the epidermis and how it is an ingredient of choice in brightening solutions, particularly for the control of certain pigmentary disorders such as melasma.

When Endermology and Oncology Esthetics intertwine

40 Day Video Access

Endermology is a discipline that affects much more than aesthetics. Indeed, several fields of expertise such as traumatology, sports therapy, and oncology benefit enormously from endermology.

Oncology esthetics, which is increasingly in demand, aims, among other things, to support people fighting cancer, to relieve side effects in skin, to reduce pain and to provide mental well-being.

Endermology can meet many of these needs and allow you to stand out even more.

Collagen in all its forms

40 Day Video Access

In our field, who does not know this essential protein of our skin? It is found in our body, as well as in many supplements and cosmetic products. The market is full of collagen products.

This conference explores several sources and forms of collagen to better guide you in your choices objectively.