Michael Beresford

Michael Beresford is the president of Moor Spa Inc – based in Vancouver, BC. Michael has a Bachelor degree in Mathematics from the University of Reading. He spent five years working in research institutes in the UK, Switzerland and Germany, developing computer software that analyzed brain function in people practicing meditation. It was during this time that he became interested in Moor therapy and the spa concept. Michael moved to Canada in 1996 to make Moor-based products and treatments available within the North America spa industry.

Michael has always felt strongly that spas should be a refuge not only from the stress of day-to-day life, but also from the toxicity of the modern world – so product purity and safety are at the forefront of the formulation and development of Moor Spa products. Michael has over 20 years experience in natural product development, and has spoken at industry events in Canada, U.S.A., Brazil, South Africa, China and Australia.

The Urgent Need For Biodegradable Product Packaging and The Moor Spa Solution

Plastic proliferation including ocean plastic garbage dumps and microplastic pollution, is one of humanity’s most intractable problems and product packaging is its single, largest contributor. Recycling is not the solution once hoped for, as only 10% of recyclable plastics actually end up being recycled. Moor Spa is the first product company in the spa industry to convert its product packaging to a biodegradable alternative.

This presentation will examine the various solutions currently available including paper, glass and bioplastics, and highlight our solution – a technology developed in the UK by a company called Symphony Environmental. This causes the plastic packaging to fully biodegrade in less than one year (conventional plastic can take up to 500 years!).

What is a Natural Product and Can It Really be Effective?

Natural and organic products are becoming increasingly popular at an extraordinary rate. These days consumers are just as likely to look at an ingredient list as they are to be impressed by the packaging of a product. But what defines a natural or organic product and just how natural or organic should it be? Also, if it’s natural or organic can it really be effective?

With over 20 years of experience in natural product development Michael will provide insight into the world of natural and organic ingredients and products; and tools that can help you to identify both contenders and pretenders.

A Scientifically Proven, Economical & Easy Method To Sanitize The Air In Your Spa

Over the past year we have become more aware than ever of the need to offer a safe environment both for our customers and employees. Our Pure Air System has been scientifically proven to de-activate 99.9% of airborne and surface bacteria, viruses, yeast and mold. The system includes a nebulizing diffuser which infuses pure Certified Organic Thuja Plicata essential oil vapor into the air (without the addition of water).

The oil from leaves of this tree has been used for generations by Haida indigenous peoples as an antidote to colds, flu and respiratory illnesses. Extensive published scientific research conducted at the University of British Columbia by one of Canada’s top virologists has found that this oil has a 99.9% deactivation rate against Sick Building Syndrome; Aerobic & Anaerobic Bacteria; Influenza Viruses; MSRA Bacteria; Mold Forming Fungi; Staphylococcus; E.coli and many more.

Moor – The Perfect Spa Therapy For Purification & Revitalization

Moor Therapy has been used for centuries for purifying and rejuvenating the body. It is one of the original traditional spa therapies and is now also widely used in conventional medicine throughout Europe. In more recent times, it has also been found to produce a variety of benefits for the skin. Moor Spa’s Austrian Deep Moor is a synthesis of hundreds of herbs, plants and flowers that has been cocooned within the Earth for many thousands of years ago and consists of a large variety of minerals and organic substances including organic sulphur and humic & fulvic acids – widely recognized for their detoxifying and revitalizing benefits.

We will explore the different types of Moor mud, the benefits of the Moor therapies and how they can easily be integrated into your spa services to offer a genuine healing experience for your customers.

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