Pamela Springer, a licensed aesthetician, instructor and author, is an African American woman
who has a mixed ancestry from three other lineages. Experiencing first hand, the lack of
education on the critical nuances of melanated skin, Pamela’s ethnic skin training was realized
when she received a 9-month preceptorship in 1997, from a board certified dermatologist who
also lectured medical students in Ethno-Dermatology.

This training instilled a passion to
educate skincare professionals and medical providers on how to lower risks factors and
enhance results for diverse skin tones.

Just See Me! – Cultural Practices, Ethnic Skin Behavior and Conditions!

The clinical knowledge in evidence-based treatments modalities for diverse skin tones is
complex in nature. The proposed strategy is to help understand the critical elements
necessary to reduce risk factors and enhance results, when implementing advanced
The goal of this presentation is to take the fear out of treating diverse skin tones and instill
confidence in performing treatments on whomever wants your service. The tools and
strategies will help develop a successful approach in this changing world of skincare.
My mission is to help capture critical lessons by presenting and understanding the skin science
of diverse skin tones.

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