Luvena McEachern

Luvena expressed a passion for colour at a young age and began her career in the salon and spa business. She  was recruited by Pinnacle Cosmetics – Private Label nearly 15 years ago.

After almost 2 decades in the industry, she has most enjoyed her time at Pinnacle Cosmetics. Luvena has also travelled internationally for the past 10 years, sharing information with business owners about building their brand with Private Label.

Her current roles include working closely with the Marketing team, in Product Development and with our Customer Care Department. She is our Storefront Design and Product Selection specialist and has recently launched the Pinnacle Cosmetics, Webinar Series.  To this day, Luvenas excitement is to meet and speak with our clients and people in the industry.

Creating Your Own Brand with Pinnacle Cosmetics

This is a discussion of our 30+ years’ experience as a leading private label cosmetics and skin care company blended with ideas on how you can build your brand using Private / White Label.

This presentation will:

  1. Introduce you to Pinnacle Cosmetics Professional Private Label Cosmetics and Skin Care
  2. Explore the business benefits of Pinnacle Cosmetics, such as:
    1. services offered
    2. packaging options
    3. marketing tools and
    4. human support with a 24/7 online business platform

Pinnacle Cosmetics Professional Private Label Cosmetics and Skin Care sells business-to-business exclusively.

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