Guyane-Élise Lacoste

With a degree in marketing from the HEC, and a diploma in Podology, Reflexology and as Natural Medicine Consultant, Guyane-Élise Lacoste has cumulated over 30 years’ experience in cosmetics and esthetics. Her knowledge of important ingredients in products has led her to believe the industry needed quality products with no harmful ingredients! While studying podology, she had the idea of creating her own line of products.

After opening her clinic called Le Pied d’Estale in St-Sauveur, Québec, she initiated her research and development, which led to the introduction of her homegrown products: PodoSensé, the ultimate line of foot care products! In 2018, she opened her own school for podology and continuous trainings, Académie Conceptuelle.

Taking care of your feet with PodoSensé

I am here to talk about the importance of taking care of your feet by giving you some tips on hygiene and footcare, to avoid problems that can become very painful with time. PodoSensé has been developed for that main reason, to help, relief and give answers to most feet problems. There are several lines of products for foot care, but few combine the needs of relief and well-being.

PodoSensé is a Canadian company located in Saint-Sauveur, QC, which develops, formulates, and manufactures a complete range of products for foot care. The range offers safe solutions for all people suffering from precarious health conditions. The guideline of the range is the benefits of essential oils, natural ingredients and / or derived from natural ingredients. Our range offers the solution from A to Z for foot care. Time to discover it!

Among the panoply of products offered for foot care, how to find your way

For several years, the foot care and / or beauty market has been served by one or two international companies. These companies offer a variety of products that aim to relieve and/or eliminate certain unpleasant conditions that we find in the skin and toenails.

The offer is often the consequence of the demand, but recently, the demand has changed. Now, our environmental awareness is much higher, we learn a lot more about the ingredients to focus on and those that we should avoid as much as possible … as much as possible because it is difficult to find a product that exactly meets our needs in terms of “natural”. We are also aware of over-packaging… which contributes to the pollution of our environment. Which ingredients should we prefer, which should we avoid? We will try to resume this complex matter.

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