Dasha Saian Marchese

Dasha Saian Marchese is the co-founder and current CEO of Saian® and has over 21 years of experience in the spa industry. In addition to her Business/Marketing degree, she is a licensed Esthetician, certified Nutrition and Wellness Consultant, official Ambassador of the Aesthetics International Association (AIA), and certified Family Herbalist.

Dasha is on the Editorial Advisory Board of Dermascope Magazine, she gives lectures and classes internationally and regularly contributes to global trade publications.

Non-Surgical Face-Lift with Portable RF, Peptides, Stem Cells and Growth Factors

Saian co-founder, Dasha Saian Marchese demonstrates a face and neck-lift using our newest portable RF machine, portable galvanic machine, and products that get you immediate and cumulative results.

All of the newest products used in the demo contain peptides, stem cells, resveratrol, collagen and growth factors. We specialize in the most advanced natural hypoallergenic skincare products containing no artificial color, no artificial fragrance and no parabens for use on sensitive skin.

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