Trish Green

Trish Green, C.E.O. of Balnea Spa Products, Homeopathic Practitioner and Cidesco Esthetician has been an educator for over 40 years in the wellness field. She is an International speaker, educating estheticians across Canada and the USA. Women’s health on all of its intriguing levels to include the health of the skin has always been her passion. Educated in the many aspects of the science of aging, she has advocated health from the inside out.

As Founder and creator of TheraGenesis, a skin care line dedicated to estheticians offering medical Spa treatments for the rejuvenation of aging skin, she advocates a healthy approach to skin incorporating appropriate medical spa treatments and the latest cosmetic ingredient technology.

Skin Care for The Golden Years: The New Rules for Ageing well

How you age has everything to do with the choices you make right now – what you eat, how active you are, how you spend your free time.  As we enter into our 40’s and 50’s, the body begins to naturally shift into a mode of ‘maintaining’. It is not producing and growing anymore; hormones shift and cellular function is less efficient.

Cosmetic formulations have evolved to understand these physiological changes but combined with the right life style choices, you can radically alter and even reverse some of the symptoms that we accept as normal sign of ageing. Join Trish as she takes a look at a variety of factors that influence the ageing process and how the skin can be managed during this time of life.

TheraGenesis Skin care: What’s new and what’s hot

Join Trish Green as she presents an update on our latest editions to the TheraGenesis skin care collection. Our newest collection of exfoliants for Spring skin care renewal are now available, to include new Enzyme and AHA formulations, new options for Sensitive skin as well as rejuvenation options for managing the chronological signs of ageing.

From exfoliants to cleansers and toners and our new nourishing day cream, designed to pair with our Dermaboost Serum, join us and discover what’s new for you this year.

TheraGenesis: A facial demonstration featuring a new type of Collagen Sheet Masque.

During the down time that we have all experienced this last year, we took advantage of the opportunity and worked hard to bring even more advanced products to our TheraGenesis Collection. This line, dedicated to the management of Aging skin, contains some of the most modern and results driven ingredients that specifically target clients skin concerns that develop as they age.

Demonstrating a full facial, we will include an array of these new products, recently introduced to the line. The highlight of this will be the use of our new full face and neck collagen sheet masque infused with Vitamin C and stem Cells. Used throughout Europe for the past 30 years, in hospitals for wound healing purposes the technology has been modified, offering new innovative delivery systems and high-grade ingredients for results driven skin care treatments.

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