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40 Day Video Access

Tracy Desmarteaux


Tracy Desmarteaux is a powerhouse in the medical esthetics industry. She is Partner and Senior Educator for Biophora Medical Skin Care where she dynamically trains medical aesthetic professionals, including doctors, nurses, and medical aestheticians on the full scope of the Biophora medical skin care line, as well as how to perform advanced treatments for all skin types and conditions. She is also a mentor for aesthetic spa owners who want to grow their businesses into new branches of service while offering effective marketing and sales strategies along with extraordinary customer care.

In addition, Tracy is owner and head medical aesthetician of Synergy Medispa in Montreal along with it’s associated branch; Académie Synergy Medispa where she is a certified educator of medical esthetic procedures and technologies. (a medical aesthetic training center Certified by APESEQ: Association des Professionnels en Électrolyse et Soins Esthétiques du Québec).

Adding to this impressive list of enterprises, Tracy is a trained naturopath certified by the National Association of Naturopaths, NP (ANN/NAN).

Her extensive career as a Medical Esthetician started with Dr. Robin Billick, Chief of Dermatology at Montreal’s Jewish General Hospital. He recognized Tracy’s passion and keen aptitude for medical aesthetics and took her under his wing—mentoring and training her for over five years. For the past twenty years, Tracy has trained with top plastic surgeons and is certified in every kind of advanced-medical aesthetic treatment to come to market. She has been called on to test new treatments with leading companies and professionals where she has gleaned a unique understanding of which technologies are the safest and most effective. Her linear evolution with technological advancements has made her a leading expert in the field. For over two decades, Tracy has not only earned the trust and respect of her clients, but that of her peers and industry professionals throughout Quebec and across Canada as a Clinical Educator and Consultant for esteemed companies including Syneron-Candela, Endor Technologies, Slim Wave, Biophora Medical Skin Care, and the renowned post-treatment camouflage foundation, Oxygenetix.

With utmost care and respect, it’s Tracy’s mission to help as many people as possible to become the best versions of themselves and discover their inner and outer beauty. She has honed the skills of active listening, assessing, and prescribing the ideal treatment protocols for her clients and the aesthetic professionals she educates. Her commitment to excellence, dedicated integrity, and focused passion for her work form the backbone of her training and teaching philosophy.


The Impact of Medical Skin Care on the Spa Industry - Raising the Bar for Aestheticians

40 Day Video Access


Join Biophora Educator and Skin Care Guru, Tracy Desmarteaux in an exciting new look into how Medical Skin Care is becoming accessible to you as an aesthetician with key strategies as to how it can increase results and add credibility to your spa/medspa practice.

  • Learn about the key differences between spa lines and medical skin care.
  • Understand the features and benefits of key active ingredients.
  • Find out how state-of-the-art ingredients can work synergistically to improve skin conditions.
  • Learn how to expand your business, retain your clients, and be of optimum service through effective educational and marketing strategies.
  • Deliver extraordinary results to every client by exceeding their expectations.
  • Find out how to get certification for Advanced Biophora Medical Skin Care Training sessions with educational, sales, and marketing support.
  • Get free products!

Savvy consumers, who are no longer willing to age gracefully, are demanding solutions to maintaining a healthy, youthful-looking appearance. Many of these consumers are finding solutions with medical skin care treatments. Check out Tracy’s fun and informative session so you’re prepared to meet the demands of this emerging market!

French Transcript of this lecture: Click HERE




Live During Expo

Luba Sasowski


Bryght founder, Luba is the brain child and inventor of intimate skin lightening (also known as anal bleach) as a professional service to the beauty industry over a decade ago. Everyone called her crazy but she was unapologetic and bold showing that having a conversation about anal and vaginal lightening was what the customer wanted.

Today Bryght is not just a skin brightening line, it’s a culture. Bryght address not only intimate bryghtening but self harm scars, acne marks, hormonal discoloration, sun damage and more


Anal Bleach, Say It!

Live During Expo

Sunday 12:00 pm Room: 205-A

Monday 11:00 am Room: 205-A

The class that everyone is talking about, but too shy or afraid to introduce into their business. Along with a live demo you will be immersed in the world of Bryght; everything from retailing, ingredients, marketing and how the brand will fit into all businesses whether you are a nail salon, wax bar, med spa and more.

*Class begins right on time, no latecomers admitted, arrive early as our classes fill up quickly, no ins and out privileges *

From Dark to Bryght: A Comprehensive Guide to Underarm Bryghtening

Live During Expo

Sunday 3:00 pm Room: 205-A

Monday 1:00 pm Room: 205-A

Welcome to the world of Underarm Bryghtening, where we offer professional and take-home products to help your clients achieve the skin they’ve always wanted. Our founder, Luba Sasowski, saw a gap in the market for professional skin lightening products and decided to take matters into her own hands. With years of experience in the beauty industry and an unapologetic approach to intimate services, Luba developed and taught techniques to increase revenue and client retention worldwide.

At Bryght, we understand that having the right product and education is crucial to providing the best service to your clients. That’s why we’ve created a brand that not only offers the best skin lightening products but also provides adequate education and training to help you excel in your profession. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting in the industry, our classes are designed to help you stay ahead of the curve.

Please note that our classes begin promptly, and we do not admit latecomers or allow ins-and-outs. We recommend arriving early as our classes fill up quickly.

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn from the best and make your clients happy with Bryght’s Underarm Bryghtening products.


Live During Expo

Chanel Mak


Chanel has been a certified Esthetician since 2012. Her passion for beauty and esthetics began early in life as she grew up bonding with her mother who is also an experienced esthetician. In addition to pursuing her esthetics diploma at Delmar College of Hair and Esthetics in Calgary, AB, Chanel also expanded her knowledge and skills into make-up artistry. She is well-immersed, knowledgeable, and experienced in hair removal and esthetics.

Present day, She co-owns “On The Q.T. Salon and Spa” with her husband which has been in operation for the last 2 years. She specializes in waxing and facial skin therapy. Chanel is an avid supporter of Caronlab Australia wax and products since she was introduced to the brand in 2019. Chanel hasn’t turned back since and she diligently attended all the education events for Caronlab. Chanel loves the products, brand and techniques which she uses in her spa.


The Future of Waxing with Caronlab - Pure. Simple. Power.

Live During Expo

Sunday 3:00 pm Room: 203-D

Revolutionize your wax and skills by using premium waxes and offer the Caronlab ‘Waxperience.’

Our Signature Caronlab Techniques and high quality wax and ancillaries will elevate your clients’ experience and save you money.

See our NEW “Pro HD” wax which is unlike any other wax on the market!

Save $$$ in Your Wax Room and Elevate Your Client's Experience

Live During Expo

Monday 2:00 pm Room: 203-D

Whether it is a hard wax, film wax or strip wax, our premium waxes will help you save time and money in the waxing room and give your clients a better experience.

Caronlab’s award winning waxes are unlike other waxes on the market.

Come see what all the buzz is about. Our signature techniques offer more comfort for you and your clients.

We call it a “Waxperience” and your clients will notice.


Live During Expo

Chrissie Paraschos



Chrissie has been a licensed esthetician for 9 years now, and she has been a RefectoCil Lash & Brow Educator for 8 years. Chrissie is also an Infection Control Educator, and it comes in handy when teaching lash & brow services.

Chrissie wants to share her passion for RefectoCil with all her fellow beauty professionals. She has received her Browista Certification through GW Cosmetics (RefectoCil’s manufacturer). Working alongside them has given her a lot of experience not only in application skills but also in educational development.


Brow Intensifying by RefectoCil

Live During Expo

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 203-D

Welcome to a new era of Lash & Brow styling! The Intense Brow[n]s tinting system is a patented and FDA compliant tinting system for intense, natural looking brows and lashes! You can achieve a beautiful skin staining with this system!

Come learn about :

  • This new signature service “Brow Intensifying by RefectoCil™”
  • The 3 techniques developed to respond to your clients‘ individual brow needs
  • How to create the most intense and customized looks with this in-demand service

Why should you take this class?

  • Extend your service offer!

Add the new trend service “Brow Intensifying by RefectoCil™” to your styling offer. Create impactful brows and expressive lashes – for the special “WOW” your clients are looking for!

  • Natural-looking alternative!

Intense Brow[n]s™ creates fuller looking brows and a customized make-up effect, as a natural looking alternative to permanent make-up or microblading.

  • Safe and simple!

Carefully tested, vegan- certified and with an FDA- compliant color additive, Intense Brow[n]s™ creates intense and brilliant looks in only a few steps

Brow Lamination by RefectoCil

Live During Expo

Monday 11:00 am Room: 203-D

Everyone wants it, but very few have it: Beautifully defined, fuller but still natural-looking brows.

“Brow Lamination by RefectoCil” is a trendy service that gives brows new momentum and brings the brow hairs into an ideal shape that is long-lasting, fixed but still remains flexible.

Come learn how to use the RefectoCil Brow Lamination Kit to define and lift/laminate your clients brows.

  • Proper protocols from start to end on Brow Lamination
  • New faster solution times of only 10 minutes
  • The importance of pairing it alongside with a brow tint to complete the look
  • 3 different brow looks you can achieve
  • Importance of client consultation, consent form & patch test
  • The profitability from a single brow lamination kit
  • Proper aftercare and maintenance

How to add value to your brow lamination services


Live During Expo

Dr. Ashraf Badawi


Dr. Ashraf Badawi is currently a Professor of Dermatology at the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt and a visiting Professor of Dermatology at Szeged University, Hungary. Dr Badawi has graduated from the Faculty of Medicine Cairo University, Egypt in 1992. In 1997, he obtained the MSc degree in Dermatology and Venereology followed by a Diploma in the Laser Applications in Biology and Medicine in 1998 from Cairo University too.

In 2001, Dr. Badawi obtained a Diploma in General Surgery from the Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University. In 2007, Dr. Badawi received a PhD degree in Laser Applications in Dermatology from the National Institute of Laser Enhanced Sciences, Cairo University, Egypt. In 2011, Dr. Badawi obtained a second PhD in Clinical Medical Sciences from Szeged University, Hungary.

During his career path, Dr. Badawi has actively participated in more than 250 International Dermatology conferences with lectures and workshops. Within the past 20 years He was directly involved in training of more than 3500 Dermatologists all over the world for Laser Applications in Dermatology and aesthetic Dermatology.


Why Everyone Needs a Darwin

Live During Expo

Monday 12:00 pm Room: 205-C

Advanced and Customizable multi-modality workstation

The DARWIN workstation is designed to evolve with your aesthetic business. Customize your aesthetic workstation based on your business needs now and in the future. Choose from 5 in-demand technologies: IPL, Diode, RF Microneedling, RF, and HIFU to build the ultimate treatment menu. Easily add handpieces as you need to expand service offerings and revenue streams. Maximize your business potential by offering unique combination treatments.

This convenient and versatile system empowers users to create combinations targeting multiple layers of the skin for superior results. Improve and enhance how your patients look and feel with multiple gold-standard technologies in just one device.

Benefits to your business

  • Expand & differentiate your service offerings – One device, endless treatment options
  • Attract new customers – Safe and effective treatment options for a wide range of patients, all year long
  • Extensive business support – System warranty, comprehensive training program, and marketing support package

Live During Expo

Adriana Hussain


Adriana comes with years of experience in skin health, previously working in clinics.

She has a passion for learning and teaching others about skin health products and regiments.

Her expertise is amazing and you won’t want to miss her talking about our DP4 microneedling device


Dp4 Microneedling Device

Live During Expo

Sunday 12:00 pm Room: 205-C

Presented by Adriana Hussain, the world’s leading authority in skin needling, this event explores

  • Why Dp4™ can offer greater results and security than many thermolytic procedures
  • What combination therapies may be incorporated with Dp4™ to maximiser results
  • Why Dp Dermaceuticals™ are a procedural non-negotiable
  • How to create customized patient treatment programs with Dp4™
  • How to maximize patient satisfaction

Live During Expo

Ashley Durbano



Ashley Durbano has been a proud and dedicated Aesthetician for the past 17+ years across Canada, during this time she also managed, mentored, and owned. Ashley has been an educator for the past 10 years and she has been a national trainer for the past 5 years.  She is now also the National Education Manager for Continental Cosmetics. As well as a mother to a beautiful 2-year-old little girl.

Originally attending York University with the intention of becoming a teacher.  During her time there she found her true passion in the beauty industry.  Little did she know, her early education would bring her back full circle to teach what she is passionate about in an industry she loves.


MEGAN - Enhance Your Treatments with the Newest Technology for Face and Body by Skeyndor

Live During Expo

Sunday 12:00 pm Room: 205-C

MEGAN is the first of its kind to combine 3 technologies with state-of-the-art products.  Thanks to this synergy a unique cellular regeneration is achieved, and the benefits are multiplied by 4, supporting extraordinary results.

Now more than ever the future is thrilling, are you ready to journey into the future with Skeyndor?  With 50 years of experience in research and development, Skeyndor has created the Technological synergy that will revolutionize professional cosmetics.

Join us as we highlight some of the Skeyndor technologies and products and discuss how they can be an integral part of your skin care consultations and professional treatments. Especially when looking to obtain outstanding results.


Live During Expo

Sherry Sztrimbely

Thalgo Cosmetic


Sherry has been the National Training Director of Thalgo Cosmetic at Continental Cosmetics for the last 23 years and has over 30 years of experience in the esthetic industry.

Throughout her career as an aesthetician and in sales, Sherry has acquired a wealth of knowledge and experience. Her dedication for skin care has led her to becoming a trainer in the highly renowned French skin care brand, Thalgo Cosmetic.

Sherry’s firm belief in the holistic approach to skin care is the reason why she is passionate about representing Thalgo Cosmetic that incorporates a 360-degree approach to achieving the best possible results.

Outside the office Sherry loves to share her love of health and skin care with her family of three children and two grandchildren and anyone who crosses her path.


IBeauty Pro the latest 4-in-1 device

Live During Expo

Sunday 5:00 pm Room: 205-C

Are you looking for an affordable aesthetic equipment that yields immediate results for your clients, with the versatility to treat a wide range of skin concerns from dehydration, sensitivity to all types of anti-aging needs, and gives you a very quick return on your investment?

You’re invited to check out the Thalgo iBeauty Pro, the 4 in 1 device with 8 actions from France.

In an age of overconsumption, consumers are looking for skin care treatments that yields fast and effective results, while at the same time, the new rules of the game now are “safe, soft and relax”, underscoring the importance of caring and protecting our largest organ – the skin – our frontline of defence against external assaults.

With a universal anti-aging concern, there is need for equipment that can deliver rapid, visible results with immediate benefits while meeting the consumer’s expectation for painless, non-invasive, and relaxing experience.

The iBeauty Pro, successor of the highly acclaimed original iBeauty device, perfectly meets these consumer expectations with proven efficacies in deep cleansing, hydration, plumping, wrinkle reduction, firming & lifting, muscle toning, diffuse redness and more.

What’s more, these 4 technologies – sound vibration, sequential ultrasound, radio frequency, and microcurrent with blue-tooth connectivity – comes in one modern, compact design that is easily portable from room to room to help you maximize your space and treatment room options.

Come and discover how you can stand out from the crowd and increase your revenue with the iBeauty Pro by attracting new clients as well as keeping your existing clients excited and loyal.


Live During Expo

Linda Mahieddine


Linda Mahieddine is a successful entrepreneur. As CEO of Daniele Henkel Inc., she created the Daniele Henkel Academy and is the Canadian ambassador for LPG® systems and many other brands. She not only manages the family business, but several other businesses as well.

A serial entrepreneur, Linda’s sense of purpose and determination has transformed the business under her control. Her guidance of the Daniele Henkel Inc. has positioned the company as the leader in the therapeutic and medical-esthetic industry providing non-invasive and non-aggressive treatment solutions for the face and body. Daniele Henkel Inc. specializes in implementing scientifically advanced treatments.

What began as a part-time job working for her mother’s namesake company in 1999, led to a full-time career in the family business. As Linda’s position evolved, she created innovative business models leading to the rapid growth of the enterprise. Linda transitioned into her new role as CEO, firmly holding the reins of the family business.


The Rise of Natural & Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments

Live During Expo

Sunday 2:00 pm Room: 206-C

Over the past 20 years, constant innovations have been carried out to improve “minimally invasive” procedures and technologies in the medical aesthetics world.
But what about the skin’s ecology and body’s physiology? Are they truly respected?
During this conference we will talk about:

– The difference between a natural and a non-invasive procedure
– The benefits of a truly non-invasive procedure
– The increasing demand for innovative natural and safer aesthetic treatments


Live During Expo

Carmen Dominguez


With a true passion for Cosmetics and Science since she was 4, Carmen studied Pharmacy in Spain and a Cosmetic Development Master’s degree in Paris.

She joined ALPHASCIENCE in 2021, to bring her unique expertise and create the future of cosmeceuticals.


Stable Cysteamine: a Game Changer in the Treatment of Hyperpigmentation

Live During Expo

Monday 1:00 pm Room: 205-C

Hyperpigmention remains an important concern worldwide. Several products with active ingredients that target different stages of melanogenesis, have arrived to the market to respond to this important need. Although different combination therapies have been proven effective, the majority of the cosmetic products available lack effectiveness, and the most effective first-line proven treatment has prompted several concerns about its safety.

Alphascience has managed to stabilize Cysteamine, a safe alternative that is a complete game changer for hyperpigmentation


Live During Expo

Elgha Centeno


Elgha Centeno, Founder and Integrative Esthetics Expert, has over 15 years of experience in the esthetics and medical esthetics field. Her vast knowledge in skin anatomy, physiology, cosmetology and advanced technologies makes her a passionate and engaging speaker. Just as much as she loves to educate, she loves to learn in this ever-evolving industry, which allows her to adapt her content to the different skin specialists; from estheticians, medical estheticians, nurses and doctors, to help them increase their level of knowledge and credibility.

Now only does she create her own advanced trainings, she also acts as an ambassador and clinical trainer for different major brands, through webinars or educational events in which she explains the science behind those products or technologies. The collaboration with these brands is based on Profusion Education’s core values; efficiency, serious clinical studies, safety, transparency and when possible, eco-friendly.

Above all, Elgha is a well respected professional that thrives in helping others succeed and raising the standards in the industry through knowledge


The Latest Innovation in Mechanical Resurfacing

Live During Expo

Sunday 4:00 pm Room: 206-E

When it comes to resurfacing, we are used to hearing about energy-based resurfacing such as ablative lasers and ablative radiofrequencies. If we focus on mechanical resurfacing, there are different techniques like microdermabrasion and hydradermabrasion which focus on micro-exfoliation.

I want to invite you to discover the latest innovation in mechanical resurfacing; macro-exfoliation.

This unique approach is a category on its own and you’ll find out why in this seminar and how it can be easily be integrated in your clinic as a tool to prepare, optimize other treatments or as a stand-alone series of treatments that works on the body and face for outstanding results.


Live During Expo

Nathalie Forget ND.A.


The unique journey of Nathalie Forget, ND.A. and dermo naturopath.

After completing her Health Studies, Nathalie Forget began her career in cosmetic dermatology. However, at age 33, the head of a network of 11 medical cosmetic clinics was still struggling with acne. She tried many different products and treatments that not only were useless, but also left burns, spots and scars on her face. In her work setting, she also saw numerous side effects in clients having undergone invasive cosmetic procedures. She then began searching for a healthy, effective, and lasting solution to common skin problems, without the side effects.

Following seven years of research, Biocompatible Care®, a living treatment based on the science of skin flora, finally emerged. This patented treatment, licensed by Health Canada, addresses 15 different skin issues and is genuinely revolutionary. The founder of the Davincia range then became a pioneer in the use of freshly released probiotics on the skin.

After opening her own laboratory in 2015 to ensure the quality of the Davincia® product line and distribution across Canada, the entrepreneur and speaker threw herself into writing, penning articles for cosmetology journals and training. Her mission? To educate people about naturopathic dermatology and raise awareness of the ecological footprint of cosmetics.

Today, Nathalie Forget continues to search for solutions to scalp issues and ways to expand her range of skin products.



Take Your Results to Another Level with the Power of Skin Flora

Live During Expo

Sunday 3:00 pm Room: 206-E

Come and demystify the impact of the microbiome on various skin pathologies with Ms. Nathalie Forget ND.A., Dermo naturopath. The founder of the Davincia line is a pioneer in the use of freshly released probiotics on the skin through her unique Biocompatible® Care, a living care product based on the science of skin flora. Patented and approved by Health Canada, this treatment, which acts on 15 skin issues, is a true revolution.

Her rich background allows her to share with you her experiences and observations related to skin dysbiosis.

You have probably noticed more and more reactive skins in your practice. Different types of dermatitis are appearing such as atopic dermatitis, seborrheic dermatitis, urticaria, mycosis, etc. More pigment spots, melasma, rosacea, allergies, acne, and premature aging issues are surfacing.

The cases are multiplying, and you are running out of solutions that really work.

Well, you can finally address the root cause of most skin problems and get real, lasting results with the Biocompatible® Care.

Ideal for all skin types and phototypes, this treatment offers superior results to those obtained with tech devices.

Think you’ve tried it all?

Ms. Forget is a passionate speaker who will take pleasure in inspiring you to see the skin differently!

Each participant will receive a checklist of toxic agents to avoid.


Live During Expo

Marie-Pier Brousseau


Marie-Pier Brousseau’s 14-year career in aesthetics and electrolysis has not been short on accomplishments and accolades, that’s for sure. Proficient in laser, microdermabrasion, thermocoagulation and chemical peels, she is in high demand as an instructor and speaker on electro- and photoepilation. Marie-Pier holds a certificate from the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO) and also a bachelor’s degree in education from the Université du Québec (UQAR) in Rimouski (Quebec).

Passionate about her craft and profession, Mrs. Brousseau has spent 4 years teaching the 1300 hours aesthetics program in Edmonton (Alberta), before joining Dectro International as an international instructor. Her exhaustive knowledge of permanent hair removal and skin care as well as her high-energy presence make her an invaluable asset indeed.


Optimize your permanent hair removal services with unique techniques!

Live During Expo

Sunday 2:00 pm Room: 206-E

As an experienced electrologist, you now have access to a wide range of highly effective tools that can maximize the results of your permanent hair removal services. Do you know them all? Are you using them optimally? During this conference, we will present the most recent electroepilation treatment solutions available to you and the situations in which they can be used.

We will explain the advantages of each one and how they will allow you to achieve a comfortable treatment without compromising on efficiency, for all hair types and skin colors.


Live During Expo

Laura A. West


Laura West has served the professional skin care and spa industry as a spa owner, International Skin Care Expert, International Educator, and Fitness and Nutritional Specialist for the past 40 years.

Laura has spent her career studying, teaching and helping professional skin and body care therapists, salon business owners, medi-spa directors, around the world achieve success, traveling the globe, all throughout the USA, Canada, Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.

As a keynote speaker at International Congresses, Symposiums and Trade Shows, she has shared her expertise on advanced skin care systems and techniques, business strategies, product retailing, along with mind and body wellness.

With the growth of the Medical Spa industry, Laura has focused on training professional skin therapists on advanced knowledge of how the skin works and bridge the gap from invasive medical procedures to non-invasive procedures, to grow their business. Educating on advanced skincare formulas and how to use these advanced technologies in the treatment space and educating clients of proper and effect homecare.


Skin Care Industry's Key Learnings and Trends Post-Pandemic

Live During Expo

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 205-C

Join us as we dive into some of the skin care industry’s key learningsa and trends post-pandemic

What consumers are looking for in customized professional skin services and how Dermalogica continues to pave the way in advanced ingredient technology.


Live During Expo

Doron Heichal


Doron Heichal is the Clinical Director of DermaSpark, a Biomedical Engineer by training, and a skin enthusiast by passion. As the head of DermaSpark’s clinical team, he is responsible for developing and delivering education & training programs for medical-aesthetic professionals all over Canada.

He is most passionate about exploring the interactions between technology and skin and promoting evidence-based education in the Canadian Aesthetic market. Prior to his relocation to Canada in 2017, he worked for Pollogen as a Global Clinical Educator and was responsible for training distributors of medical-aesthetic equipment around the world.


TWIST by Dermaroller® - Redefining the Gold Standard in Microneedling for Professionals

Live During Expo

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 206-E

Electronic Microneedling is notably one of the most cost-effective treatments available today in the medical-aesthetic realm, offering a wide range of solutions to many skin conditions including scars, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, hair loss, stretch marks, and more. But while there are many electronic microneedling devices on the market, one brand stands out above the rest – Dermaroller®.

The TWIST, the brand-new device from Dermaroller® GmbH, is the most advanced microneedling system ever made. Equipped with a powerful angular motor and the highest perforation rate on the market, the TWIST offers the best microneedling performance with unparalleled safety and results. The TWIST also features unique technological innovations, such as Active Needle Retrieval (ANR™) & SilkTouch™ technologies that further increase treatment safety & effectiveness, and dramatically minimize discomfort for the patient.

We invite you to join our TWIST seminar to learn more about this all-new system and its unique capabilities. The seminar will be led by Michael Tumerius, who will be joining us all the way from Germany. Michael is the CEO of Dermaroller® GmbH and the head of TWIST development.

ALPHA Laser – 2-in-1 Diode Laser + 3D IPL

Live During Expo

Monday 11:00 am Room: 206-E

Should you invest in a new laser machine or an IPL? Why not both?

Lasers and IPL are two of the most effective technologies for hair removal and photo-rejuvenation, but each can be very expensive to buy and maintain. Enter – the ALPHA.

The ALPHA Laser system offers premium Diode Laser & IPL technologies on one device, at a truly affordable price.

With ALPHA Laser, you can do Hair Removal for ALL skin types, as well as photo-rejuvenation treatments for acne, pigmentation, vascular damage, skin tightening, and more. Using MILO, a digital melanin reader, the ALPHA accurately classifies the skin type of each client, and automatically customizes its laser parameters for the most personalized and effective treatment.

The ALPHA Laser is made in Israel (FormaTK Systems) by leading industry veterans with vast experience in laser research and development.


Live During Expo

Manon Pilon


Manon Pilon is the Co-founder and Co-president of Derme&Co. Mrs. Pilon lead the Research and development as Director of the Nelly De Vuyst, Druide, and EuropeLab laboratories, one of the largest manufacturing certified GMP facility for organic skincare and personal care products certified by Ecocert in North America.

Manon Pilon’s background spans over 35 years of worldwide professional experience in spa and medical spa operation and management, Business and product research, development and strategy. She has a vast professional experience as Master of Ceremony invitee at several International conferences. Mr. Pilon also collaborate with a team of world-class chemists, researchers, dermatologists pharmacists and aestheticians in order to develop innovative and effective formulas using the latest technological discoveries.

Winner of several awards (Business Woman and Trade Associations), author of 2 books one is «Anti-Aging the Cure Based on Your Body Type», columnist and invited writer in reputable radio, journals, and magazines.  Sitting on many boards in Cosmetic and businesses Mrs. Pilon is considered one of the most dynamic business women in the industry. As a motivated and passionate educator and business woman, she continues to inspire and drive innovation in her field.


Rosacea and Acne Rosacea Versus Acne From a Medical-Aesthetic Perspective Solution with Proven Results!

Live During Expo

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 203-B

Monday 11:00 am Room: 203-B

An in-depth class on how acne or rosacea evolves in stages and in grades. Understand the difference between acne and acne rosacea. Learn method of prevention, protocol, solutions targeting the pathogenic microbiome involved. Familiarize yourself with the terminology used to describe acne or rosacea.

Learn safe and effective technology, ingredients and protocols that will replace prescription drugs in Acne and acne rosacea Care today. Sustainable clean and organic certified medical grade products approved are now available!

Gifts and certificate for all participants do not miss this class!

How to Build Your Own Skincare Line: Avoid Costly Mistakes! And Start a New Opportunity

Live During Expo

Sunday 12:00 pm Room: 203-B

Monday 12:00 pm Room: 203-B

Have you ever considered having your own skin care line? If Private Labeling is a good fit for you? What are the different options for a fast ROI! it might be the best business decision you will ever make.

This class is an insight on the do’s and don’ts when you consider launching your own private label skin care products NO MORE COMPETITION!. Learn how to get started and how avoid costly mistakes! Do not miss a class

Gifts and certificate for all participants!

Marketing Strategies for Spa Management

Live During Expo

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 203-B

In this class you will learn from the leader in the industry, Manon Pilon, spa, medical spa consultant and operator, with 38+ years of experience in the spa and medical spa industry,

Author of 2 books. Pilon will introduce new concept; strategies to marketing ideas; services and products to stay current in today’s competitive market; as well as easy tools to integrate for your success.

Learn different ways to increase revenue and credibility by offering latest medical spa approaches. Get top, easy, and effective marketing ideas. Learn the marketing strategies that have transformed spas around the world.

Gifts and certificate for all participants!

Vajacial… The Vaginal PH and The Impact On Your Client’s Wellness

Live During Expo

Sunday 2:00 pm Room: 203-B

Monday 2:00 pm Room: 203-B

Learn the importance of the microbiota and its pH and its balance in woman health .The key microbiomes will be discusses. Menopauses symptoms will be addressed and how you can make a difference in the quality of life.

The impact of unbalanced vaginal microbiome will be discussed and Learn how cosmetics for vaginal health can transform your practice.

Gifts and certificate for all participants do not miss this class!

New Neck Lifting Treatment! Micro Needling (Rf) & Lifitng Radio Frequency.

Live During Expo

Sunday 3:00 pm Room: 203-B

Learn and update your knowledge on the industry’s latest technological advances.  Ideal for the neck.  The first of its kind for skin tightening for FACE, NECK and BODY using a bi-polar radio frequency (RF) and micro needling with radio frequency (RF) for optimal results!

How to incorporate New & Innovative Services and increase your revenues for your Success.

Do not miss this class!!  Gifts and certificate for all participants.

Introduction to Nelly De Vuyst Collections Kits & DERME&CO

Live During Expo

Sunday 4:00 pm Room: 203-B

New Collections Kits: Introducing Cosmos Organic Certified

Rosacea Collection, Acne Rosacea, Acne Collection, Mens Collection, Anti Aging , Pigmentation, Mineral Sunscreens Collection,  Cellulite, Intimite Care, Baby Care Personal Care, Oncology Collection  , Outdoor, Organic Deodorants And Toothpastes, Organic Hair Care Collection And More

Products Education Masterclass!

Live During Expo

Sunday 5:00 pm Room: 203-B

Learn how this innovative products collections and how it can transformed your SPA and MED SPA

Derme&CO and Nelly De Vuyst‘s Collections will be introduces!

Come, try it for your self, and joins us for one collection at a time! See the incredible visible results!

Anti-Aging, Lifting, eye contour, Repair for dryness, Rosacea/ sensitive skin, acne, acne rosacea, cellulite, body circulation and slimming collection, organic certified anti aging and hydration!

Join me! Certificates and gifts for everyone attending!

Increase Your Retail Sales By 50%-125% Over Your Services!

Live During Expo

Monday 1:00 pm Room: 203-B

Do you have a 50%-125% in retail sales ratio over your services? Get the secret to successful retail sales!

In this presentation, Manon Pilon will discuss the methods and benefits of home care. How you should integrate and convert your sales. Learn a new sales approach and how she sets the standard for professionals. Learn a step-by-step process on how to introduce your products to your clients and gain loyalty.  Do not miss this presentation!

Gifts and certificate for all participants do not miss this class

Acne Facts and Microbiome Impact: Can We Finally Replace Prescription Drugs with Effective Treatments Using Sustainable Formulation?

Live During Expo

Monday 3:00 pm Room: 203-B

An in-depth class on how acne takes place and understand the difference with acne rosacea rosacea stages. This presentation will give you an overview of the latest approved natural drugs available to spa and med spa and learn how you can make a difference in result while respecting the planet.

Learn method of treatment, protocols, and solutions targeting the pathogenic microbiome involved. Familiarize yourself with the terminology used to describe acne or rosacea. Learn safe and effective technology, products, ingrediants and protocols that will replace prescription drugs in Acne and acne rosacea care today. Sustainable clean and organic certified medical grade products now approved and available to YOU.

Gifts and certificate for all participants do not miss this class!


40 Day Video Access

Dina Krinitski


Dina Krinitski holds degree in biology and graduated from the University of Moscow. She is a certified cosmetologist with practical experience in holistic field. She learned different alternative medicine like Tibetan, Ayurvedic and worked in cosmetic surgery as a skin care consultant.

She is a founder and president of EDVA Spa Products ( Toronto, Canada ) – North American exclusive importer and distributor of the Anna Lotan LTD – well-known European manufacturer of natural cosmetic products.


24 Karat Pure Gold Treatment

40 Day Video Access

Pure gold has been used for centuries as the secret to youthful looking skin. In ancient times gold was used to smooth out wrinkles to cool the skin and to protect it from inflammation. Historians have proven that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to maintain precious skin youth. In ancient Rome, gold balms were used for the treatment of a variety of skin problems.

Gold was also regarded as the key to youth in ancient Chinese medicine. Gold can easily be massaged into the skin lending the face a glowing and radiating complexion. Gold frees the skin from impurities, and increases the proportion of oxygen in the skin, eliminating tiredness.

The treatment rejuvenates the skin, removes wrinkles, banishes blemishes, fades age spots and leaves skin luminous.

Hottest European Anti-Aging treatment – Needleless Methotheraphy

40 Day Video Access

Holistic treatment that restores skin from inside out without using any invasive methods. Come and learn how by using only natural ingredients you can achieve such amazing results. This treatment works very successfully for fine lines, deep lines and saggy skin. The treatment is excellent for firming, plumping, and tightening. It can be used very successfully for marks after pimples and pigmentation.

Look young naturally not chemically.


Live During Expo

Boldijarre Koronczay


Boldijarre Koronczay, President of Eminence Organic Skin Care, is an icon and innovator in the spa industry. Winner of NewBeauty’s 2019 Innovator Awards and the youngest recipient of the International Spa Association’s Visionary Award, his passion for organic wellness and industry education continues to push professional skin care to new heights.

Under Boldijarre’s bold, enthusiastic leadership, Eminence Organics continues to garner industry accolades, including American Spa Magazine’s Favorite Skin Care Line and Favorite Company for Product Education for an unprecedented 14 years in a row!


Wow Clients and Boost Retention with Instant Results + Effective Facial Massage Techniques

Live During Expo

Feeling stuck in the treatment room with the same massage movements? Take massage treatments to the next level with active, therapeutic, results-driven Hungarian techniques! Hungarian massage techniques combine the effects of lymphatic drainage, muscle-lifting and kneading, cross friction and tension reduction.

The result is an instantly radiant complexion, smoothed wrinkles and a more youthful appearance. Unlock the secrets of these massage techniques to see elevated results, client retention and increased sales! Includes a humorous live demonstration.

Understand Acne & Revolutionize Treatments with the Best Natural Solutions for Problem Skin

Live During Expo

Say goodbye to rosacea and make blemishes a thing of the past! Go below the skin’s surface to uncover the various causes of acne and gain a better understanding of the role that hormones, bacteria and lifestyle habits play in this often difficult-to-treat concern.

In this fun and interactive presentation, learn how to continue your client’s treatments with revolutionary home care solutions featuring natural, organic and Biodynamic® actives, offering the ultimate client experience with proven results.


Live During Expo

Sharon Clarke

Evolve Cosmetics™, a div of Evolve Medical


After decades in the industry with multiple business start-ups and successful product launches to her credit, Sharon Clarke founded Evolve Cosmetics™ in 2018. Evolve began with a single motivation in mind: to provide a simplified and all encompassing approach to skincare and cosmetics.

With our novel Clean Face Cloths, skinbetter science® medical-grade skincare, a Canadian clean makeup line and much more, Evolve Cosmetics™ offers products for every step of your daily skincare and cosmetics routine. Bringing positivity to the narrative surrounding a woman’s right to control her beauty, Evolve Cosmetics™ was born to empower women with the beauty knowledge needed to age with elegance.


How to Increase Your Revenue Without Hiring More Staff

Live During Expo

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 206-E

When it comes to extending the benefits of a salon or spa visit for your clients, nothing works as well as sending them home with some products.  But how do you get them to purchase without being that pushy sales person?

Sharon will discuss the 5 P’s of how to grow your business without the expense of hiring more staff.

What are the 5 P’s?  Join her session to find out.


Live During Expo

Linda Nordstrom


Famous Names LLC was founded in 2010 by Linda and Jim Nordstrom and Lisa Hamilton . Jim and Linda have spent their entire professional careers in The Professional Beauty Industry. Since its inception, Famous Names LLC has been dedicated to creating Best In Class products exclusively for Nail Professionals.

After starting her career as a successful Salon Owner, Linda became an Educator and Advocate for Nail Technicians and Artists worldwide. With thirty plus years of experience, she now leads the global educational and customer support strategy for Famous Names, and still finds the time to be a tireless and supportive daily resource for an ever growing network of enthusiastic Nail Professionals. Linda truly loves to spend her time “in the trenches” with her fellow Nail Technicians.  Linda’s passion is her love for this industry and her fellow Nail Professionals.


Famous RELEAF The Ultimate Cosmetic Pedicure

Live During Expo

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 203-D

Famous RELEAF is the Ultimate Cosmetic Pedicure System! Join Linda Nordstrom and learn about this amazing pedicure system. A year in the making, we have finally perfected a fun, luxurious and highly effective pedicure system that is nourishing for the feet and kind to the environment.

We are proud to say that all RELEAF product formulations utilize as many natural ingredients from sustainable sources as possible, and we have made every effort to use sustainable packaging. All products are 100% vegan and contain zero parabens and sulfites.

RELEAF contains some amazing ingredients, we also are incorporating a CBD Elixir to take your pedicure to the next level!  Wait until you hear about our AU Complex-this gives the ultimate when it comes to softening and smoothing those calluses!

Famous Names IBX Natural Nail Strengthening System & The Dadi’ Line

Live During Expo

Monday 1:00 pm Room: 203-D

Come spend time with Linda Nordstrom and Famous Names!   Learn about what IBX can do for your clients natural nails!  IBX is a Natural Nail Strengthening System that works inside the nail-not on Top. IBX Strengthen, Protect and Repairs the natural nail.

You will see some amazing transformations IBX has done for the health of our clients nails!  You will also find out how you can become IBX Certified!

And if IBX isn’t enough, learn more about how Dadi’ Oil is used as a Skin & Nail Treatment Oil in the salon along with the other Dadi products (Dadi’ Oil is made from all natural ingredients and is made of 95% Certified Organic Oils).


Live During Expo

Cristina Ramirez



Cristina Ramirez is a pioneer of the Canadian esthetics industry, with over 30 years’ experience in the field. She is a CIDESCO diplomat and leading European-trained esthetician who established one of the first esthetics schools in Canada, Gina’s College of Advanced Aesthetics, where she is Director.

Cristina is also President of Intercosmetics, the leading spa industry supplier, where she is at the forefront of the latest developments in the beauty industry. Her expertise and business knowledge in all sectors of the beauty industry make her a sought-after speaker.


“ONCODERMATOLOGY” Oncology Skin Care (Presented with Alexandra Maria)

Live During Expo

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 206-C

Monday 11:00 am Room: 206-C

Sensitized skins on cancer patients and Couperose, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis all  share common sypmtoms that may cause discomforts of different intensity.  Even if common, not all the symptoms are  equal, as even their grade of tollerance  may be different. A new field called “ONCODERMATOLOGY” provides a specialized approach to caring for skins while undergoing or after  cancer treatment. Discover how to take care of skin suffering from such conditions using the newest science backed products lines for sensitive skins by Diego dalla Palma.

Discover these clinically tested professional treatments & home care products formulated with biotechnologically obtained peptides treat these delicate skins while on chemotherapy or and protect them.  Today, more than ever, the support of dermocosmetics and oncology aesthetics has a fundamental role before, during and after cancer therapies because it improves the quality of life of the persons experiencing them. Learn about skin care and cancer treatment. What to look for and how to manage these highly sensitized skin.

“Tested at The University Dermatology Department in Naples, Italy” on persons while on Chemotherapy.

The New Era of Medical Grade Peels (Presented with Alexandra Maria)

Live During Expo

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 206-C

A safe and effective medical grade peel perfect for aestheticians – sounds impossible? RESURFACE is our innovative, calibrated and precise dermal regeneration procedure that achieves certified, professional and noticeably visible results, with no unpleasant side effects or marked inflammatory processes. Using a blend of the latest generation PHA, AHA and carefully selected new cosmeceuticals, we are able to go beyond the Herbal Peel to visibly reduce WRINKLES, ACNE SCARS, IMPERFECTIONS & UNEVEN COMPLEXION while respecting the delicate skin balance of all layers including its MICROBIOME.

Unlike a traditional peel, we are now able to regenerate and nourish the skin from the inside out & outside in throughout all layers of the epidermis.

Discover the technology behind these medical grade peels, and learn about the newest must-have cosmeceutical ingredients that you need to be incorporating such as RETINOL, REVIVYL, AZELAIC ACID, EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR and more.

Learn how easy it is for you to offer a medical grade peel to your clients and give them the results they’ve always dreamed of –with no downtime!


Live During Expo

Alexandra Maria

Diego Dalla Palma Dermocosmetics


Alexandra Maria is an accomplished professional International Trainer, Treatment Development Specialist and writer of many educational programs, with more than 15 years of experience in the aesthetic industry all over the world. As an internationally renowned Aesthetic Skin Practitioner, Alexandra has extensive expertise in cosmeceutical science, medical-esthetical technologies and skin health procedures. She has been trained in various advanced aesthetic treatments, at various educational centers by experts in Italy and abroad. She was a constant guest in various TV shows and online presentations in various countries where she charmed the audiences with her technical knowledge, practical expertise and multi-language skills.

Alexandra launched her career in the Beauty Industry as an Esthetician. She opened her own Beauty Salon where she gained experience in Management, Marketing and Human Resources. For the past 8 years she has been an International Trainer, being in charge of the technical and educational development of distributors, skin specialized clinics and beauty


“ONCODERMATOLOGY” Oncology Skin Care (Presented with Cristina Ramirez)

Live During Expo

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 206-C

Monday 11:00 am Room: 206-C

Sensitized skins on cancer patients and Couperose, Rosacea, Eczema, Psoriasis all  share common sypmtoms that may cause discomforts of different intensity.  Even if common, not all the symptoms are  equal, as even their grade of tollerance  may be different. A new field called “ONCODERMATOLOGY” provides a specialized approach to caring for skins while undergoing or after  cancer treatment. Discover how to take care of skin suffering from such conditions using the newest science backed products lines for sensitive skins by Diego dalla Palma.

Discover these clinically tested professional treatments & home care products formulated with biotechnologically obtained peptides treat these delicate skins while on chemotherapy or and protect them.  Today, more than ever, the support of dermocosmetics and oncology aesthetics has a fundamental role before, during and after cancer therapies because it improves the quality of life of the persons experiencing them. Learn about skin care and cancer treatment. What to look for and how to manage these highly sensitized skin.

“Tested at The University Dermatology Department in Naples, Italy” on persons while on Chemotherapy.

The New Era of Medical Grade Peels (Presented with Cristina Ramirez)

Live During Expo

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 206-C

A safe and effective medical grade peel perfect for aestheticians – sounds impossible? RESURFACE is our innovative, calibrated and precise dermal regeneration procedure that achieves certified, professional and noticeably visible results, with no unpleasant side effects or marked inflammatory processes. Using a blend of the latest generation PHA, AHA and carefully selected new cosmeceuticals, we are able to go beyond the Herbal Peel to visibly reduce WRINKLES, ACNE SCARS, IMPERFECTIONS & UNEVEN COMPLEXION while respecting the delicate skin balance of all layers including its MICROBIOME.

Unlike a traditional peel, we are now able to regenerate and nourish the skin from the inside out & outside in throughout all layers of the epidermis.

Discover the technology behind these medical grade peels, and learn about the newest must-have cosmeceutical ingredients that you need to be incorporating such as RETINOL, REVIVYL, AZELAIC ACID, EPIDERMAL GROWTH FACTOR and more.

Learn how easy it is for you to offer a medical grade peel to your clients and give them the results they’ve always dreamed of –with no downtime!


Live During Expo

Asia Meilleur


Asia Meilleur, a beauty professional who has dedicated the last 7 years to actively working within the beauty and Medical aesthetic space and in addition has over a decade of experience working in the health and fitness community. Asia comes with an extensive education and background in advanced aesthetic protocols and practices.

She has worked alongside several leading physicians who specialize in providing medical aesthetics treatments. Asia has greater understanding of industry leading treatments such as; microneedling, chemical exfoliants, deep understanding of medical grade ingredients and is highly proficient in Aesthetic devices and beauty equipment.


Microchanneling = Microneedling evolved

Live During Expo

Sunday 2:00 pm Room: 205-A

Monday 2:00 pm Room: 205-A

Learn about the revolutionary and award winning microchanneling device Procell!

With thousands of users across North America, come to learn why Procell is quickly becoming the treatment of choice by skincare professionals!

Watch live demonstrations and see how the Procell device can effectively and safely treat all skin types while targeting specific skin concerns such as; hair restoration, pigmentation, acne scarring and skin rejuvenation!

Each attendee will receive a complementary goodie bag and exciting educational material.

Esthemax Masterclass

Live During Expo

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 205-A

Monday 12:00 pm Room: 205-A

READY TO UNLOCK THE SECRET TO THE PERFECT FACIAL? We are calling on YOU, Our fellow beauty specialists and aestheticians to join us in learning why Esthemax is the global leader in hydro-jelly masks! We will be unlocking all our secrets when it comes to applying the perfect hydro-jelly mask, secrets to mixing and matching your jellys, and much much more! We will provide you with all the tips and tricks that will easily transition into success within your treatment room! Take your facials to the next level and let us help you generate more income while growing your business and increasing your client retention rate.

Don’t miss out on seeing live demonstrations and getting all your burning questions answered by an Esthemax expert! You won’t want to miss this!

Each beauty in attendance will receive an exclusive and complementary goodie bag that you’ll need to get your hands on! Trust us, it’s a good one!


40 Day Video Access

Dean Scully


With over 10 years of experience in the commercial and rehabilitation field, Dean brings a wealth of knowledge to advise and educate MEDEXA clients across Canada.


MEDEXA: The best management software for your aesthetic clinic.

40 Day Video Access

At Medexa, we understand the importance of offering you complete management software for your medical aesthetic clinic.

We have developed many features which, on a daily basis, will simplify your life while respecting the confidentiality standards that are required of you in order to respect the privacy of your patients


Live During Expo

Uliana Shchepeleva


Uliana is Head Trainer of My Lamination with over 15 years of eyelash experience. Certified at the highest levels, both in Europe and Canada, she will share and teach her extensive knowledge and years of experience you won’t find anywhere else! She is infinitely encouraging, contagiously optimistic, and the best teacher anyone can ask for.

“Since I moved to Canada, I have faced a challenge to find great high quality training in the lash & brow industry. Every course that I have taken or attended (over a 100) was just a mediocre copy of the previous one. On the hunt to improve my skills I have started taking different courses around the world to collect all the information that is available out there. I have implemented those skills and mastered them.

In the end, I have created an ultimate Lash Lift and Brow Lamination courses that covers it all!”


Lash Lift Troubleshoot Q&A

Live During Expo

Sunday 3:00 pm Room: 205-C

Uliana will answer your burning questions while walking you through all the Lash Lift steps and Pro-Tips!

Check her out on Instagram: @lashmother.uli where she gives tons of free information!


Live During Expo

Vicki Malo


Vicki has worked in the professional beauty industry as a highly trained CIDESCO Diplomat, Master Pedicurist, Massage Therapist, Licensed Beautician, Educator, Professional Speaker, Mentor and Consultant for over 30 years.

Vicki’s passion is bringing foot care education to technicians and specialists around the globe. She is a noteworthy and well-known leader in pedicure education.  Vicki has taught advanced pedicure classes and lectured at industry events all while heading up the North American School of Podology.  Vicki’s belief is that knowledge is the key to success.


Corns, Calluses and Structural Deformities of the Feet

Live During Expo

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 205-A

Are your clients complaining of foot pain or corns and calluses that just keep coming back?

Do you know why they keep coming back?

Are you familiar with prefab orthotics and toe props or how to recommend proper footwear?

Do you know how to properly tie shoes?

In this 50-minute seminar, you will learn all about structural deformities and recurrent issues, plus how to help your clients realign their feet and reduce foot discomfort.  This class will introduce you to gait and structural issues as well as how to custom fit orthotics and other foot props.


Live During Expo

40 Day Video Access

Marjorie Queen Mentor


“From me to me: whatever you want my queen.”

I inspire you to stand out by offering Lash Lift Vegan™ services and I empower you into building a business that supports whatever you wish instead of being a slave. I am known for my innovations of the first vegan lash lift line which we just celebrated 1 million in sales and creating techniques/tools that reduce plastic waste by 80% per service.

I continue to expand my knowledge with online educational trainings on entrepreneurship with over 500 students online.

Winner of several lash lift competitions and business awards, I have a strong Instagram and Facebook presence with Novoqueen Pro and Marjorie Queen Mentor.


DIY: How To Make a Lash Lift on Yourself?

Live During Expo

40 Day Video Access

Monday 1:00 pm Room: 206-C

If you are a tech or just curious about this service, I invite you to join me in discovering this amazing treatment that can free you from the need for mascara. Not only can you offer it to your clients with an easy 10x profit on product cost, but you can also benefit from it yourself. However, despite being a Canadian champion in lash lifting with 6 years of experience, I faced numerous new challenges when I started doing it on myself.

Despite these challenges, I persevered and learned a lot of valuable lessons along the way. Now, I am excited to share my knowledge and experience with you, my fellow beauty enthusiast, in this free masterclass. So come and join me on this journey to discover the secrets of DIY lash lifting and take your lash skills to the next level!


Live During Expo

Jessica Martel


PREMIERLASH Canada brand manager & Lash Expert Jessica Martel is out here helping everyone get the best lash extension education and experience they can.

They say “Give a Man a Fish, and You Feed Him for a Day. Teach a Man To Fish, and You Feed Him for a Lifetime”. 10-time certified lash expert, Jessica is sharing her expertise and remarkable skills, offering online training & classes for people to learn from the comfort of their own homes, ready to start a thriving lash business.

Jessica has developed a 20 modules online education catering to all experience level, touching up on theory and knowledge as well as technique and business knowledge.

“Join, explore, and learn with Me!”


3 Core Concepts of Neuro Marketing in the Lash Industry

Live During Expo

Sunday 2:00 pm Room: 203-D

What if Jessica told you that there was a type of marketing that could DIRECTLY affect how your client/customers purchase, would you want to know more about it ?

Neuromarketing is a field of study concerning the application of neuroscientific methods to analyze and understand human behavior relating to markets and marketing activities; AKA increase your client retention AND increase your clients spending habits.

Join Jessica to learn more!


40 Day Video Access

Roxanne Harris


Roxanne is a tenacious wellness practitioner with over sixteen years of clinical experience with diplomas in Homeopathy, Holistic Nutrition, Blood Microscopy, and Bioregulatory Medicine.

Roxanne is also a keynote speaker, speaking internationally at conferences, conventions, and events on health, wellness, and faith.



40 Day Video Access

We will explain the power of Nano Glutathione and why it is KEY to our healthy daily life. With the amazing things about Glutathione and other key ingredients our product would have many benefits.

With the power of PrimaSkin and Swish30 you would see the following.

PrimaSkin –
-Help Reduce Pore Size
-Lift & Firm
-Reduce the Appearance of Fine Lines & Wrinkles
-Smooth Skin Texture
-Brighten & Even Skin Tone
-Fight Skin Aging Pollutants
-May Improve Mild Acne

Swish30 –
• Immune Booster
• Joint Support
• Cognitive Health
• Clean & Sustained Energy
• Rapid Recovery
• Improves Sleep
• & Much More


Live During Expo

JoLynn MacLeod


Jolynn Macleod brings more than 16 years of beauty industry experience working in brand development and marketing and as Educator for Saian Natural Clinical Skincare.

As an Esthetician and MUA, Jolynn enjoyed working in the film industry before dedicating her career to Sales and Education Representative roles with prestigious brands such as Éminence Organic Skin Care, Clarisonic & L’Oreal; coaching thousands of Spa Professionals across North America through her 2 decade career and elevating the spa industry.

As a Spa and business Owner, Jolynn has focused on continuing education, receiving certifications in dermaplaning, microneedling & technologies like microcurrent & RF,

Jolynn is also certified Digital Marketing and Graphic Design, specializing in business advertising for the beauty industry, adding to her expertise in business coaching and development for leading Spa and salon professionals.


Handheld Tools & Devices from Saian

Live During Expo

Have you been curious about bringing tools such as ice globes and skin scrubber into your esthetic practice, but have not had the opportunity to take a training class?

Our hands-on demo class will highlight a vast variety of the most popular tools and equipment of 2023. You will love the simplicity of the workshop and gain the confidence to start using all the trending tools today!

Certificate of attendance provided. All attendees will be entered in a raffle to win a gift.


Live During Expo

Tàmara Hughes


Founder and Chief Formulator of Skin Deep Formulations, Clinical and Oncology Esthetician Támara Hughes is dedicated to her passion for education and is a respected go-to thought leader for beauty professionals across North America.

Decades of diverse experience in our industry as a brand educator, spa owner, service provider and consultant inspired the inception of Skin Deep Formulations; a solution to the need for advanced education for estheticians, and proven formulas for business owners to make more money


Elevate Your Existing Top Services with this Hot Ingredient!

Live During Expo

Sunday Room:

A pioneer in the beauty and wellness industry for more than 20 years, Támara Hughes is once again at the forefront of a revolutionary movement that is shifting product and service offerings to meet the demands of consumers.

HighOnLove® is a premium collection of hemp seed oil & CBD oil wellness and intimacy products; from blissful bath oils to plumping lip gloss to the cult fave Stimulating Oil, each product is crafted in small batches to ensure the highest quality. This luxurious line, beautifully packaged and thoughtfully blended with these premium oils, is the perfect way to elevate your service offerings.

The exploration of CBD, Hemp and Cannabis benefits is creating an undeniable buzz, and rightfully so.
Learn about the products and how you can bridge the gap for your customers and revolutionize your own business.

Multiply Your Money!

Live During Expo

Skin Deep Formulations leads the way in transforming the beauty industry by providing cutting-edge education and training in sought-after services like dermaplaning and microneedling. We also offer a diverse product range, catering to evolving consumer needs in areas such as CBD, sensual cosmetics, and men’s skincare.

Join us & learn how to stay ahead of emerging trends that will significantly boost your revenue and elevate your beauty business. Certificate of attendance & special offers for attending.



Live During Expo

Patrick Johnson


Patrick Johnson is the CEO of BioPhotas and the inventor of the award winning Celluma Series of Light Therapy devices. He is a seasoned executive with P&L leadership in turnarounds, startups, emerging companies, as well as companies challenged with mature product life cycles.

With a history of repeatedly growing sales and gross margins at double-digit growth rates, he has provided leadership in strategic planning, sales, marketing, corporate branding, product positioning, and operations.

Mr. Johnson is a senior executive with 25 years of experience leading manufacturing companies in diverse industries including medical, dental, aerospace, and motorsports.


LED Secrets Exposed: How To Get The Most Out Of Light Therapy

Live During Expo

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 205-C

Monday 11:00 am Room: 205-C

• A Different Path up the Light Therapy Mountain
• The Applications & Benefits of Celluma
• The Science & Myths of Light Parameters
• The Celluma Difference
• Integrating LED into your Practice
• Benefits Beyond the Treatment Room

Innovation in Light Therapy for Med Aesthetics

Live During Expo

Sunday 2:00 pm Room: 205-C

Monday 2:00 pm Room: 205-C

Did you know. that after 30 minutes of light therapy treatment, patient downtime is reduces wound healing and post-procedure recovery is accelerated, there is reduction in erythema and edema, and patient comfort levels increase?

Light therapy can be used clinically as a powerful stand alone modality or as a treatment enhancing add-on and is ideal for use following a variety of services including surgery, hair restoration, ablative LASER, microdermabrasion, microneedling, peels, injections and much more.

Light therapy is whole body, whole family wellness at its best with its clinically proven, non-toxic, low-touch, and affordable options.

in this class you will learn:

– Attract new male and female patients in 2023
– Treat patients head-to-toe without a bulky LED bed
– Increase revenue with Retail Celluma Home devices
– Integrate light therapy successfully into your practice
– Effectively communicate the benefits of LED to your patients