Tracy McArthur is a speaker and business coach specializing in the field of esthetics. She is dedicated to elevating the industry to its true value. Working in the beauty industry for over 30 years and having owned a successful beauty salon for nearly 25 years, she has all the experience and expertise to accompany you and help you get to the next level of success in your business. A businesswoman and passionate entrepreneur, she helps self-employed professionals and beauty salon owners transfer their passion into profits! Her approach is simple, effective and emphatic. Her contribution to the beauty industry is more than a passion, it’s a mission of life.

Five Keys to a Profitable Business

You are passionate about esthetics, but you have a hard time making a good living from that passion and don’t know where to start to make things right? Let Tracy McArthur guide you to the next level of success with the five keys to a profitable business. These proven strategies will help you understand your core business so you can make the right choices and set clear goals. Come and learn how to integrate the basics of sound management to generate more profits tomorrow!

Ten Mistakes to Avoid in Your Business

You can’t go back in time, but you can certainly learn from your experiences. Most every business owner encounters the same challenges at different times in their business, and if they were more prepared to face them, things would run more smoothly. Learn how to surpass the unexpectable and to plan a successful future.

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