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Emily Wollenman

Higher Education Skincare


Emily Wollenman is the Vice President of Education and Specialty Accounts at Higher Education Skincare. Ms. Wollenman has over 20 years of experience in the beauty industry working in sales and educational centric roles with world renowned brands such as Lancôme, CHANEL, and Tata Harper.

Emily believes that the most effective products, like the custom-formulated products in Higher Education Skincare’s range of clean, safe, and healthy skincare, combine the best of science and nature to provide customers with products that deliver results.


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Higher Education Skincare - Clean, Safe, and Healthy Skincare formulated for the discerning Gen Z consumer

Higher Education Skincare combines the best of science and nature to formulate products that deliver results  – #teachyourskin


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Linda Mahieddine


Linda Mahieddine is a successful entrepreneur. As CEO of Daniele Henkel Inc., she created the Daniele Henkel Academy and is the Canadian ambassador for LPG® systems and many other brands. She not only manages the family business, but several other businesses as well.

A serial entrepreneur, Linda’s sense of purpose and determination has transformed the business under her control. Her guidance of the Daniele Henkel Inc. has positioned the company as the leader in the therapeutic and medical-esthetic industry providing non-invasive and non-aggressive treatment solutions for the face and body. Daniele Henkel Inc. specializes in implementing scientifically advanced treatments.

What began as a part-time job working for her mother’s namesake company in 1999, led to a full-time career in the family business. As Linda’s position evolved, she created innovative business models leading to the rapid growth of the enterprise. Linda transitioned into her new role as CEO, firmly holding the reins of the family business.


The Rise of Natural & Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments

Sunday 1:00 pm Room: 218

Over the past 20 years, constant innovations have been carried out to improve “minimally invasive” procedures and technologies in the medical aesthetics world.
But what about the skin’s ecology and body’s physiology? Are they truly respected?
During this conference we will talk about:

– The difference between a natural and a non-invasive procedure
– The benefits of a truly non-invasive procedure
– The increasing demand for innovative natural and safer aesthetic treatments


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Marie-Pier Brousseau


Marie-Pier Brousseau’s 14-year career in aesthetics and electrolysis has not been short on accomplishments and accolades, that’s for sure. Proficient in laser, microdermabrasion, thermocoagulation and chemical peels, she is in high demand as an instructor and speaker on electro- and photoepilation. Marie-Pier holds a certificate from the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO) and also a bachelor’s degree in education from the Université du Québec (UQAR) in Rimouski (Quebec).

Passionate about her craft and profession, Mrs. Brousseau has spent 4 years teaching the 1300 hours aesthetics program in Edmonton (Alberta), before joining Dectro International as an international instructor. Her exhaustive knowledge of permanent hair removal and skin care as well as her high-energy presence make her an invaluable asset indeed.


Optimize your permanent hair removal services with unique techniques!

Sunday 2:00 pm Room: 217

As an experienced electrologist, you now have access to a wide range of highly effective tools that can maximize the results of your permanent hair removal services. Do you know them all? Are you using them optimally? During this conference, we will present the most recent electroepilation treatment solutions available to you and the situations in which they can be used.

We will explain the advantages of each one and how they will allow you to achieve a comfortable treatment without compromising on efficiency, for all hair types and skin colors.


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DermaRoller® GmbH


Michael Tomerius is a passionate entrepreneur and the owner and CEO of Dermaroller® GmbH (Germany) – the inventors of Aesthetic Microneedling and Collagen Induction Therapy (CIT) since 1999.

Michael lives and breathes microneedling. As the head of Dermaroller®, Michael is committed to developing and marketing the highest quality and most innovative microneedling technologies and products, allowing Dermaroller® to lead the global market and set the gold standard in microneedling for more than two decades.

Most recently, Michael led the development of the Dermaroller® TWIST – an all-new microneedling system featuring the most powerful motor on the market and unique technological innovations. In his lecture, Michael will reveal more details about the TWIST and how it can provide superior results to more skin conditions with truly minimal discomfort for clients.


TWIST by Dermaroller® - Redefining the Gold Standard in Microneedling for Professionals

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 217

Electronic Microneedling is notably one of the most cost-effective treatments available today in the medical-aesthetic realm, offering a wide range of solutions to many skin conditions including scars, aging skin, hyperpigmentation, hair loss, stretch marks, and more. But while there are many electronic microneedling devices on the market, one brand stands out above the rest – Dermaroller®.

The TWIST, the brand-new device from Dermaroller® GmbH, is the most advanced microneedling system ever made. Equipped with a powerful angular motor and the highest perforation rate on the market, the TWIST offers the best microneedling performance with unparalleled safety and results. The TWIST also features unique technological innovations, such as Active Needle Retrieval (ANR™) & SilkTouch™ technologies that further increase treatment safety & effectiveness, and dramatically minimize discomfort for the patient.

We invite you to join our TWIST seminar to learn more about this all-new system and its unique capabilities. The seminar will be led by Michael Tumerius, who will be joining us all the way from Germany. Michael is the CEO of Dermaroller® GmbH and the head of TWIST development.


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Dina Krinitski


Dina Krinitski holds degree in biology and graduated from the University of Moscow. She is a certified cosmetologist with practical experience in holistic field. She learned different alternative medicine like Tibetan, Ayurvedic and worked in cosmetic surgery as a skin care consultant.

She is a founder and president of EDVA Spa Products ( Toronto, Canada ) – North American exclusive importer and distributor of the Anna Lotan LTD – well-known European manufacturer of natural cosmetic products.


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24 Karat Pure Gold Treatment

Pure gold has been used for centuries as the secret to youthful looking skin. In ancient times gold was used to smooth out wrinkles to cool the skin and to protect it from inflammation. Historians have proven that Cleopatra slept in a gold mask every night to maintain precious skin youth. In ancient Rome, gold balms were used for the treatment of a variety of skin problems.

Gold was also regarded as the key to youth in ancient Chinese medicine. Gold can easily be massaged into the skin lending the face a glowing and radiating complexion. Gold frees the skin from impurities, and increases the proportion of oxygen in the skin, eliminating tiredness.

The treatment rejuvenates the skin, removes wrinkles, banishes blemishes, fades age spots and leaves skin luminous.

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Hottest European Anti-Aging treatment – Needleless Methotheraphy

Holistic treatment that restores skin from inside out without using any invasive methods. Come and learn how by using only natural ingredients you can achieve such amazing results. This treatment works very successfully for fine lines, deep lines and saggy skin. The treatment is excellent for firming, plumping, and tightening. It can be used very successfully for marks after pimples and pigmentation.

Look young naturally not chemically.


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Boldijarre Koronczay


Boldijarre Koronczay, President of Eminence Organic Skin Care, is an icon and innovator in the spa industry. Winner of NewBeauty’s 2019 Innovator Awards and the youngest recipient of the International Spa Association’s Visionary Award, his passion for organic wellness and industry education continues to push professional skin care to new heights.

Under Boldijarre’s bold, enthusiastic leadership, Eminence Organics continues to garner industry accolades, including American Spa Magazine’s Favorite Skin Care Line and Favorite Company for Product Education for an unprecedented 14 years in a row!


Wow Clients and Boost Retention with Instant Results + Effective Facial Massage Techniques

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 213

Feeling stuck in the treatment room with the same massage movements? Take massage treatments to the next level with active, therapeutic, results-driven Hungarian techniques! Hungarian massage techniques combine the effects of lymphatic drainage, muscle-lifting and kneading, cross friction and tension reduction.

The result is an instantly radiant complexion, smoothed wrinkles and a more youthful appearance. Unlock the secrets of these massage techniques to see elevated results, client retention and increased sales! Includes a humorous live demonstration.

Understand Acne & Revolutionize Treatments with the Best Natural Solutions for Problem Skin

Monday 1:00 pm Room: 213

Say goodbye to rosacea and make blemishes a thing of the past! Go below the skin’s surface to uncover the various causes of acne and gain a better understanding of the role that hormones, bacteria and lifestyle habits play in this often difficult-to-treat concern.

In this fun and interactive presentation, learn how to continue your client’s treatments with revolutionary home care solutions featuring natural, organic and Biodynamic® actives, offering the ultimate client experience with proven results.


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Kamaljit kaur Dhillon


Kamal Sekhon Dhillon is the Founder and Owner of Kamal’s Day Spa.

She started this business in 1989. She has trained and helped numerous individuals from diverse backgrounds enhance their beauty – mind, body & spirit by providing professional training. Throughout the years, she has upgraded and taken various training in US, Canada, and India on Beauty and Wellness.

She is well respected and professional in the field of beauty, skincare, and wellness. She is mothers of two young adults & great meditator and always helps her staff and customers in body, mind, and spirit.

She has been to TV stations and conferences to talk about body, mind, and spirit.


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Advanced Ayurvedic Spa Program

Kamal’s Day Spa – Advanced Ayurveda Aesthetic Spa Program Diploma, combines ancient science with modern skincare for a holistic approach to beauty, health and wellness.

Our program applies practices of Ayurveda remedies including spa services and healing modalities. Ayurveda focuses on preventing and healing body, mind and spirit including skincare. .Ayurveda comes from the sanskrit words ”ayus” which is the meaning of essence of life and ”veda” the meaning of knowledge or science. It is believed that this balance is achievable through natural methods such as yoga, herbal remedies, diet and lifestyle.

These three categories, called doshas, are named Vata, Pitta, and Kapha, that are present in the body and command various bodily functions. When these doshas are imbalanced it is believed to be the cause of disease.

Ayurveda treatment helps to ensure that the doshas are balanced. Herbal remedies such as decotions, powders and pills are used by the Ayurvedic Practitoners to promote health and wellness.

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Boost Your Income Holistically with Ayurveda

Itar Rasayana” is a sanskrit word is derived from Sanskrit, a language of South Asian celestial Gods. Itar suggests “Pure” and Rasayan means “Alchamy” and we made sure that the content of the products is as pure essence as its name.

The True Essence of the content and intent of our products are the techniques and methods which have been designated unbeatable since ancient periods of Ayurvedic Healing. Itar Rasayana is enriched with nutrients to aid one attain longevity, radiance, lustre, youthfulness and holistic wellness.

Itar Rasayana has ability to hydrate two layers of skin.

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Heart Lead Leadership & Business Growth

Heart-led leadership is a leadership style that prioritizes compassion, empathy, and emotional intelligence in decision-making and communication.

This style emphasizes creating a positive work culture, fostering solid relationships with team members, and making decisions that benefit the organization and its people. Heart-led leadership aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where everyone can thrive.

Heart-led leadership can positively impact business growth in several ways:
• Improved employee satisfaction and retention: By creating a supportive work environment and prioritizing employee well-being, heart-led leaders can increase employee satisfaction and reduce turnover.
• Stronger customer relationships: Companies led with empathy and compassion tend to foster strong relationships with customers, leading to increased customer loyalty and repeat business.
• Innovative solutions: A positive and inclusive work culture can encourage employees to think creatively and develop innovative solutions, leading to business growth and success.
• Attracting top talent: Companies known for heart-led leadership can attract top talent seeking a supportive work environment and purpose-driven work.

Heart-led leadership can contribute to a positive, high-performing corporate culture that drives business growth and success.


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R Sam Niedbala Ph.D.


Dr. R. Sam Niedbala the CEO and a founder of CryoConceptsLP. He has over 30 years working in various capacities within the medical and aesthetics field.

Dr. Niedbala received his Bachelor of Science from East Stroudsburg University and his Master of Science in Clinical Chemistry and a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Lehigh University. He has numerous peer reviewed publications and patents spanning a broad range of topics.

In 2010, Dr Niedbala founded CryoConcepts LP with the mission to develop new and innovative cryosurgical and cryotherapeutic technologies. The company has built a portfolio of cryo-based devices made available to professionals in the Veterinary, Medical and Aesthetics industry.


Latest technology - Topical Carboxy Therapy

Sunday 11:00 am Room: 216

Curious to learn more about Cryotherapy? This is your opportunity to gain valuable knowledge and a deeper insight into the science behind Cryo. During the last decade Aesthetics Medicine has seen a resurgence in the use of Topical Carboxy Therapies to address a variety of indication

We will be educating you on topical Carboxy Therapies and how they rely on carbon dioxide to release oxygen into the skin and increase in circulation. Learn the benefits of this simple technique which gives immediate results such as calming the skin after ablative treatments, anti-aging protocols and more recently, hair growth. Topical Carboxy.

This seminar will focus on the science driving the use of Topical Carboxy Therapies in Aesthetic Medicine and review the potential applications and technologies available to practitioners.


Live During Expo

Asia Meilleur


Asia Meilleur, a beauty professional who has dedicated the last 7 years to actively working within the beauty and Medical aesthetic space and in addition has over a decade of experience working in the health and fitness community. Asia comes with an extensive education and background in advanced aesthetic protocols and practices.

She has worked alongside several leading physicians who specialize in providing medical aesthetics treatments. Asia has greater understanding of industry leading treatments such as; microneedling, chemical exfoliants, deep understanding of medical grade ingredients and is highly proficient in Aesthetic devices and beauty equipment.


Microchanneling = Microneedling evolved

Sunday 3:00 pm Room: 216

Monday 1:00 pm Room: 216

Learn about the revolutionary and award winning microchanneling device Procell!

With thousands of users across North America, come to learn why Procell is quickly becoming the treatment of choice by skincare professionals!

Watch live demonstrations and see how the Procell device can effectively and safely treat all skin types while targeting specific skin concerns such as; hair restoration, pigmentation, acne scarring and skin rejuvenation!

Each attendee will receive a complementary goodie bag and exciting educational material.

Esthemax Masterclass

Monday 11:00 am Room: 216

READY TO UNLOCK THE SECRET TO THE PERFECT FACIAL? We are calling on YOU, Our fellow beauty specialists and aestheticians to join us in learning why Esthemax is the global leader in hydro-jelly masks! We will be unlocking all our secrets when it comes to applying the perfect hydro-jelly mask, secrets to mixing and matching your jellys, and much much more! We will provide you with all the tips and tricks that will easily transition into success within your treatment room! Take your facials to the next level and let us help you generate more income while growing your business and increasing your client retention rate.

Don’t miss out on seeing live demonstrations and getting all your burning questions answered by an Esthemax expert! You won’t want to miss this!

Each beauty in attendance will receive an exclusive and complementary goodie bag that you’ll need to get your hands on! Trust us, it’s a good one!


Live During Expo

Uliana Shchepeleva


Uliana is Head Trainer of My Lamination with over 15 years of eyelash experience. Certified at the highest levels, both in Europe and Canada, she will share and teach her extensive knowledge and years of experience you won’t find anywhere else! She is infinitely encouraging, contagiously optimistic, and the best teacher anyone can ask for.

“Since I moved to Canada, I have faced a challenge to find great high quality training in the lash & brow industry. Every course that I have taken or attended (over a 100) was just a mediocre copy of the previous one. On the hunt to improve my skills I have started taking different courses around the world to collect all the information that is available out there. I have implemented those skills and mastered them.

In the end, I have created an ultimate Lash Lift and Brow Lamination courses that covers it all!”


Lash Lift Troubleshoot Q&A

Monday 1:00 pm Room: 217

Uliana will answer your burning questions while walking you through all the Lash Lift steps and Pro-Tips!

Check her out on Instagram: @lashmother.uli where she gives tons of free information!


Live During Expo

Geneviève Beaulieu


Geneviève studied finances and worked management positions in different companies, before launching NUDA Canada in 2017, with co-founder Mahay. Her previous experience allowed her to acquire essential skills to manage a growing business. She seized the opportunity to turn her passion for clean cosmetics and self-tanning into a successful business generating 7 figures.

Geneviève is uncompromising when it comes to product quality, which is why NUDA products are vegan, cruelty-free, made without parabens, sulphates nor gluten. NUDA now radiates across Canada and the United States through a network of professional partners and retailers. The brand is winning awards for the excellence of their products and is cherished by influencers.

It is only the beginning for NUDA and Geneviève is proof that you can have it all! As a successful entrepreneur and a mom, Geneviève is living her dream by developing NUDA.


Launching a successful Spray Tan Business with NUDA Canada (Lecture with Lyric Berry)

Sunday 12:00 pm Room: 217

Find out how to launch your own Spray Tan business with NUDA Canada! Geneviève Beaulieu, NUDA’s co-owner and co-founder, will be chatting with Spray Tan Artist Lyric Berry about the company’s unique mission, presenting a pathway to launch your spray tan business, how to thrive and be successful long term! Spray Tan Artist Lyric Berry will be demonstrating her Spray Tan technique LIVE and sharing helpful tips using NUDA products!

NUDA believes in promoting wellness, self-confidence, and maintaining healthy skin by offering products that make people feel good inside and out. NUDA products are formulated with natural and naturally-derived ingredients to offer a stunning complexion while taking care of your skin. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, made without parabens, sulphates nor gluten.

According to beauty consumer experts, the demand for self-tanning products represents $1.31 Trillion and projects a growth of 4.5% by 2030. Are you interested in seizing this opportunity? Don’t miss the chance to learn about this lucrative opportunity and ask your questions directly to experts!


Live During Expo

Lyric Berry

Golden Hour Luxury Spray Tans


Lyric Berry, owner of Golden Hour Luxury Spray Tans, was born in Washington state but now lives in British Columbia. She fell in love with the beauty industry when she was introduced to NUDA.

NUDA was her first step towards launching her Spray Tan business. She is now located in a small town of Bellingham, WA as a solo mobile Spray Tan artist.

She is passionate about empowering women & enhancing their natural features. When she is not Spray Tanning, you can find her working early mornings as a barista, vacationing in Florida, skiing in the mountains, or spending time with her husband and family.


Launching a successful Spray Tan Business with NUDA Canada (Lecture with Genevieve Beaulieu)

Sunday 12:00 pm Room: 217

Find out how to launch your own Spray Tan business with NUDA Canada! Geneviève Beaulieu, NUDA’s co-owner and co-founder, will be chatting with Spray Tan Artist Lyric Berry about the company’s unique mission, presenting a pathway to launch your spray tan business, how to thrive and be successful long term! Spray Tan Artist Lyric Berry will be demonstrating her Spray Tan technique LIVE and sharing helpful tips using NUDA products!

NUDA believes in promoting wellness, self-confidence, and maintaining healthy skin by offering products that make people feel good inside and out. NUDA products are formulated with natural and naturally-derived ingredients to offer a stunning complexion while taking care of your skin. All products are vegan, cruelty-free, made without parabens, sulphates nor gluten.

According to beauty consumer experts, the demand for self-tanning products represents $1.31 Trillion and projects a growth of 4.5% by 2030. Are you interested in seizing this opportunity? Don’t miss the chance to learn about this lucrative opportunity and ask your questions directly to experts!


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Bianca Festejo


Bianca Festejo is a name that stands out in the field of medical tattooing. She has made pioneering contributions to the industry, such as creating a revolutionary, patented technology for accurate skin tone readings and pigment suggestions for any complexions, which has been profiled in major publications like Forbes, Yahoo News, Fox News, Newsweek, and Entrepreneur Magazine. As the founder of Nue Conceal, she is dedicated to developing innovative solutions for scar and stretch mark concealment through her latest product – a medical-grade serum which can reduce up to 80% of stretch marks after just one treatment.

Apart from her own business ventures, Bianca actively partakes in talks on camouflage tattooing and inspiring others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams within this industry. She has helped hundreds of aspiring beauty entrepreneurs transition from conventional 9-5 jobs into creative and fulfilling careers in paramedical tattooing. Her ultimate mission is to create an interconnected network of beauty entrepreneurs who are collectively driving innovation and success within this field. In doing so, she aims to make a lasting impact on the beauty industry as a whole.


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Stretch Marks Camouflage

Sunday 4:00 pm Room: 216

  • What is Camouflage tattoo?
  • What can be camouflaged?
  • Contraindication
  • Color theory
  • Matching skin color
  • Needles and machine
  • Hand movement

Live During Expo

Dr. Sara N Paisner



Dr. Sara Paisner is the President of Synoptic Products, the North American importer of Ballet Needles. Prior to purchasing Synoptic Products, Dr. Paisner worked in various research, sales and marketing roles in the electronics and pharmaceutical industry for over 20 years. She started her career as a R&D scientist developing materials for the electronic industry, some of which are likely in electronics you use today.

Dr. Paisner is the author of articles in trade magazines, peer reviewed journals, and websites, along with various patents. She regularly speaks about the chemistry and science of electrolysis at conferences and trade shows. Dr. Paisner attended Dartmouth College, UC Berkeley for her PhD, and UNC Kenan-Flagler for her MBA.

For fun, Dr. Paisner likes to sail, go backpacking, train in martial arts and, when she can find the time, travel. She speaks fluent Japanese and French.


The Science of Electrolysis

Sunday 3:00 pm Room: 217

This course teaches about the chemistry occurring at the tip of the electrolysis needle probe due to Galvanic, Thermolysis, and Blend methods of electrolysis. The three areas covered in this seminar are the science of epilation methods, why needle design matters for optimal electrolysis, and the sterilization methods used on epilation needles. .
Learning outcomes:
·       Become familiar how the chemistry at the tip of the electrolysis needle probe kills hair follicles with the three modes used in electrolysis: galvanic, thermolysis and blend
·       Learn importance of needle shape and sizes as well as coatings for successful epilation
·       Recognize importance of sterile probes and methods of sterilization in electrolysis